Cheap Books!!

I love, love, love going to Anarkali on Sundays. I mean where else can you find an excellent copy of Dune for only Rs. 5??? Not to mention I also managed to get a copy of the Princess Diaries (don’t ask) book…also for Rs. 5. I mean, let’s face it, the main reason I go on regular sundays is to be able to find comics, but since Pakistan, and especially Lahore seems to be going through a phase of no comic availability, I have to satisfy myself with any books I find. Which, considering I bought 2 books for the price of one comic these days, isn’t all that bad 🙂

I’ve also managed to dl and start reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I must say, the first chapter is more than a little underwhelming. One of the worst summarizations I’ve personally ever read, and I may be completely blanking on the last book, but I have no clue who this new Minister of Magic is. Rowling seems to be slipping, and well, it is the penultimate chapter in a series…which almost always tend to suck…so my expectations weren’t all that high to begin with. I’ll be buying the paper version soon enough. We’ll see if reading it without the glare of the computer screen helps the book any, or whether is sucks regardless.


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