Harry Potter 6 – Pt. 1

           So I finally caved and bought the sixth book in the Harry Potter series. I must say, apart from the shoddy hand-holding begining 2-3 chapters, the rest of the book is one of the better one in the series. I know there isn’t a lot of love for this edition and a lot of people don’t like it, but from what I’ve read thus far (still got 4 more chapters to go) this is turning out to be the best book in the series since the Prisoner of Azkaban which is my favorite in the series. I hesitate to review it fully till I’m done, so no more thoughts on why I like this part so much, and why I didn’t think 4 and 5 were all that great, but expect an indepth review (well, not so much indepth as full of explanations) soonish.


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