Yet Another Attempt…

If any of you are stil following this out there…if any were in the first place anyway; I thank you. Mostly humbly and graciously, I thank you. I know I’ve been horrible about updating this, and the ever-changing format doesn’t exactly help to gain me any supporters. See, the fact of the matter is that I’m not sure what I want to do with blog…not yet anyway…and so I’m just trying different things and seeing what works, what doesn’t and what will allow me to post to the utmost of my ability without compromising the other aspects of my life (I wish I were like some other bloggers who practically live online…but I, unfortunately, still have school and it does end up taking a lot more time than you would think.)

So, anyway, in light of all that, it’s time for yet another format change. Instead of posting at random like I’ve been doing. I’m going to combine all my disparate interests together and attempt to write atleast a weekly (twice a week maybe) thing about everything that interests and kinda have a huge post which encompasses everything. The first attempt at this will be up either tonight or tomorrow morning depending on how long I spend shopping for a new cell today (yay! new cell!)

Until then, thanks to anyone who’s bothered to read this, and a possible welcome to anyone who might show up!


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