Comics – Some Stuff I Finally Caught Up On…

Here comes yet another bid in attempting to convert this blog into a semi-regular thing. I figure if I even get something new up once every 2 weeks, it’ll be a good start and I can slowly work my way up to the coveted daily position! But for now, let’s kick things off with a 2 comics that I finally managed to get around to reading.7 Days to Fame #2 (of 3) – After Hours PressI read the first issue of this series expecting to hate it. This was ofcourse based on two reasons: 1) My hatred for reality t.v. shows, and 2) My hatred for comics based on reality t.v. shows. Anyway, I read an interview by the writer, Buddy Scalera, and it appeared to me that he had some of the same ideas about where reality t.v. was headed if it continued in it’s current v

ein as I did. So, I read it…and it was great. Cool concept, nice art, and a cohesive, complete story contained within a single issue. Considering that, I had some pretty high hopes for this issue, and I’m glad it delivered. We finally see how such a show can exist (through webcasts…it’s so simple I’m surprised that someone already doesn’t have anything like this in place), the thought processes behind creating such a show, and most importantly, the feelings that a person would have to go through in order to consider becoming a subject on this show. Excellent story which examines our fame-obsessed culture and looks at it from both sides without demonizing either one. Definitely a must read.Overall Score: 4/5

I (Heart) Marvel: Web of Romance – Marvel ComicsI’m a sucker for romantic comedies, and I love seeing Marvel try their hand at attempting to re-introduce the Romance Comics genre. While of the two I (Heart) Marvels I own, one was a mixed bag at best (I (Heart) Marvel: My Mutant Heart), this book was a true gem, and I absolutely adored it. Tom Beland (Better known for True Story: Swear to God!) writes Mary Jane and Peter as if he’s known them his entire life. They are close personal friends and we are being allowed an all too rare glimpse into how much love they truly have for each other. I’m a big fan of the Peter/MJ pairing and actively abhor Gwen Stacy at this point just for having been first (although the fact that she was killed off soothes me somewhat). This issue was especially dear to me because of it’s focus on Valentine’s Day and the trouble with gift-shopping. I tend to go through this problem every single year and usually, much like Spidey in this, end up buying something or coming up with something at the last minute. I also adore Corey Walker’s artwork, so it was nice to see more of it outside of Invincible (which you should all be reading!!!) This issue was funny, sweet, and just plain old fun…something we haven’t recieved from a Spider-Man comic in quite a while. Well worth the cover price, and probably the only I (Heart) Marvel book I’ll actively recommend.

Overall Score: 4.5/5

That’s it for now. I will try to update soon. Maybe even do a Major Infinite Crisis review session covering issues 2-5 and I’ll probably offer up some thoughts on why, although I like the idea, I’m dreading the excecution of One Year Later. Also, expect more pictures of the cats (since I have been taking a lot more…) and very, very soon, a rough plot of a Mighty Thor fanfic I’m currently percolating in my mind.


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