Cats – B.T.

As promised, here’s another one of my cats. This time it’s the mighty hunteress herself…B.T. (which stands for Bhalu 3…yeah, we like legacies in this house). Anyway, B.T. is one our “fat” cats who likes to sleep and eat…and when not doing these two things, she likes to attack anything smaller than her that can move. We’re talking about birds, lizards, snakes, insects…anything she can get her paws on, she grabs and then mercilessly plays with until they’re dead. She’s one of the luckier ones fortunately…never bit off more than she can chew and always careful in attempting to jump off walls/shelves that are too high even for a cat’s prodigious abilities. By the way, for those wondering, B.T. is the granddaughter of Pheeney and the daughter of Peachy…who I shall be posting right here very, very soon!


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