Comics – What I Read This Week…

Here’s another review format I’ve been tinkering with…let’s see how it goes. Wolverine v3 #39
by Daniel Way, Javier Saltares and Mark Texiera
This issue was actually fairly decent as far as Wolverine issues go. Personally, I don’t like Daniel Way’s writing style. There are some things he writes (like the Bullseye mini) which I enjoy, and then there are books like Wolverine which make me question my sanity at reading them at all. Anyway, this issue wasn’t that bad because it focused on actually telling us something rather than giving us vague hints and covert ops that make no sense. I really like Bucky’s connection with Wolverine, and the characterization made sense with what we’ve seen over in Captain America. This issue was still somewhat…light…but atleast something happened. And that’s better than nothing. Either way, I’ve been hating the Origins and Endings storyline, and can’t wait for this book to separate itself from the past.

Batman #650
by Judd Winick, and Eric Battle

I don’t like Judd Winick’s DCU work. It just seems to be intended for shock, and controversy purposes and if that’s the whole point of the book…then the book cannot possibly be any good. On that note though, I was enjoying the whole Red Hood storyline in this. Jason was becoming a truly effective foil for Batman and we got to see a side of Bruce that isn’t readily shown in Bat-comics these days. The ending this issue however…sucked. It was the least satisfying ending I’ve seen since this whole “Countdown to OYL” thing started and if weren’t for the fact that James Robinson is going to be writing Batman starting next issue…I would not be bothering with this book anymore.

Green Lantern v4 #9
by Geoff Johns, and Ethan Van Sciver

This will be the last issue of Green Lantern I read for a good long time. I’ve given this book a lot of leeway…mostly because I like Johns’ writing and I was enjoying the Bianchi fill-ins. But OYL is the perfect oppurtunity to jump ship and I’m taking it. Hal Jordan is quite possibly the most boring Green Lantern ever. I’ve hated the guy since I first read him in an old issue of JLA from the Satellite era. He was always too smug, too “cool” and too annoying to bother with. Still, I figured what the hell…if anyone can revive the old fossil, it’ll be Johns. Unfortunately, other than punching people and being a jerk, Hal does nothing else. Apparently that is his character…and as far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to read about the guy who probably used to bully kids shorter than him in school. The book itself was ok, but man was that the most contrived Batman-Punch! in history and had the most stupid, out-of-character ending I’ve ever read.

That’s it for now. This isn’t by any means everything I read this week…but it’s a start. Expect more every saturday-sunday from now on since I’ve read about 80% of my pull-list by that time. Hopefully this will work out for the best.

*P.S. Sorry about no covers today, but my connection’s acting up…and I’d rather post something than not post anything based on some puny images.


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