I’m listening to…

Since this blog is all about me (ME!!!!!) I figure I should also say something about one of the biggest influences in my daily mood and well-being; music.Now, quite frankly, I don’t have a definite “musical identity.” I listen to a lot of shit. I like a lot of different types of music…and I have no compunctions about trying new music based on the genre-branding that is so fucking popular these days.

In view of that, here’s the junk that I’m regularly listening to these days:

1. Katie Melua – Just Like Heaven
I honestly don’t know why I like this song. It’s like a watered down, pretty sad version of the classic Cure version, but I don’t know…whenever I listen to it, it just puts me at peace and all I want to do is read a good book, sleep, or umm…do something involving a certain weed…2. Greenday – Time of Your Life
Quite possibly my favorite Greenday song, and one of the only ones that I can still bear to listen to after the fiasco that was American Idiot. The opening chords of this are classic, and the whole theme is something that appeals to me. Mostly cause I seem to always be saying goodbye; to people, places, things…The thing is, this song makes sense to me and helps me relate to the world. And in my book, them’s good music.

3. Bowling for Soup – Almost
This song is fucking hilarious!! Seriously, it’s one of the most funny, heartfelt songs I’ve listened to in a long time and I love it. I’ve actually been hearing it in the background of a lot of teen movies for the last 2-3 years now, but didn’t realize the actual name of it till I saw Dirty Deeds. The movie was bleh-worthy, but it gave me the name of the song, so for that it does have a semi-fond place in my heart (I doubt this goodwill will last very long…the movie was fucking American Pie with bread…yes, that’s right.)

4. Story of the Year – Anthem of Our Dying Day
I’m probably reading waaayyy to much into this song, but the whole package of lyrics, video and music tell me that this song deals with the end of civilization through decay. What decay is left open to the listener, and in the current state of the world and my mental processes, this song makes incredible sense and thus is getting a heavy rotation on my playlist.

5. Bethany Joy Lenz – Halo
The lyrics. That’s basically the only reason I like this song. Lately I’ve been feeling…trapped I guess is the word I’m looking for. I’m trapped in my patterns, my feelings, my perceptions…and I don’t know how to break free of these. This song kinda mirrors what I’ve been feeling lately, and well…it’s the reason I listen to it.

6. Morningwood – Nth Degree
Don’t ask me why…but I love this song. It’s just plain, simple fun. I haven’t heard a song that was this much fun in a long time, and I dunno…it makes me want to have fun, to do something. I just really, really like this.

7. Orgy – Blue Monday
A cover of the Cure classic, this is just fucking fantastic. Orgy on the whole is an excellent group…but this cover blew me away. Definitely something I’ll probably be listening to for a long, long time.

That’s it. What? You were expecting more swearing or some shit? C’mon…even I need a break. Probably have another I Hate…post soonish…it’s in the works. It just requires a certain level of pure, unadulterated bile that I just can’t manage to spew right now…it’ll come though.


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