Let’s see…

I’ve been blogging off and on for almost a year now…maybe a little more, not really sure. Anyway, I’ve never really made any sort of impact because of two simple reasons:

1) I’m inconsistent as hell. I don’t commit. I update hardly ever. And my content…well…let’s just say it has always been a little…sparse.

2) I avoid op-ed writing as much as possible. Which, come to think of it, is like the exact opposite of what a blog should be.

Well…all of that is hopefully changing now. I want to write more on a regular basis…I want to get myself out there (not for anything mind you…just to stroke my ego…) and I want to try to leave something positive of mine online. Now, this doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally slip into typical blog territory (if I’m bored, you will see pics of my cats on here…be warned!) But I will definitely try to maintain the blog that the tag-line explains; simply one on comics, books, anime and (hopefully) good tv.

Now, who wants to take bets on how long before I fall off the wagon? 


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