I tend to hate everything Bill Willingham writes.

Now, I know that isn't exactly fair, but it's true. Everything that man touches tends to turn to crap for me. His stint on Robin made me stop reading that title for the first time in over 6 years. Days of Vengeance was the only mini related to Infinite Crisis that I actively avoided (And yes, I tried to read it…gave up after 2 issues and never looked back. The story was too predictable and nothing seemed to be happening.) And Shadowpact is the only OYL title that I have not even bothered giving a second glance to. That's not to say I hate everything by him (so I lied…sue me!) I just tend to hate everything by him that isn't creator owned by him. In fact, Fables has been one of my all time favorite comics since I started reading it 2 years ago. That is, until issue #50.

See, I tend to read comics for the characters and the story potential…not the shoe-horned ideals of the creators. In the most recent Fables, Willingham actually had Bigby Wolf spout off for a good 5 pages about Israel and how it is this greatly oppressed state that has managed to survive by destroying everything of its enemies. I can understand Willingham's views on this (I don't necessarily agree with everything he says, but ok) but to have his character serve as his personal mouthpiece? That doesn't belong in the comic, and should not be in there. It felt out of place, and well…stupid. Why the hell would the Adversary give a damn about Israel? Even if you ignore the fact that Bigby probably wouldn't use such a recent example when he gave the analogy, why the hell would the Adversary be bothered to try to find out about Israel? This was actually overall a great issue. But the whole Israel analogy really put me off and it took some doing to get the foul taste of that out of my mouth.

Of course, this made it all worthwhile:

That's What I Call A Happy Ending


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