September 2006 Solicitations

I was looking through the September solits and earmarking the books I was interested in and I figured: "Hey! Here's a blog post waiting to happen…" or something like that anyway. So, here are the Marvel books shipping in September that I am interested in…or that just have really cool covers. Expect further posts about Image and DC soon, or whenever I have nothing else to say in the coming weeks.

Ultimate Spider-Man #100 – As always, Bagley gives us a nice, crisp, simple cover (although a bit crowded this time around). I tend to come and go on this book, dropping whole arcs at a time, but this is a milestone, and I plan to be there for it.

Amazing Spider-Man #536/Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12 – Part of the whole "Spider-Man: Unmasked!" arc. I'm only getting ASM because of it's ties to Civil War, and Effin' I'm sticking with as long as PAD is around. Sensational I shall be avoiding as, well…two spider-man books is my limit in any given month (unless there's a real kick-ass special available)

Spider-man Loves Mary Jane #10 – I fell in love with this book with the very first Mary Jane mini, and I'm still loving the stuffing out of it. Excellent, real characters, great art, and a Spider-Man book in which Spider-Man doesn't even have to show up. I love it!

Agents of Atlas #2 – Gorilla Man and Venus, the Goddess of Love. 'Nuff said.

Annihilation #2 – I am really enjoying the Annihilation minis. Which is more than a little strange since I have little or no interest in Marvel's cosmic line. But I do like good stories, and these minis have (generally) really good stories.

Beyond! #3 – Based on solicitations alone, I'm very interested in this mini. It's still wait and see. Awful covers though.


Daredevil #89 – Now here's a cover worthy of the name. Excellent layout, great artwork, and captures the character perfectly. Kudos to Lee Bermajo (I thought he was DC-exclusive though…)


Eternals #4 – Gaiman and JRJr. I shouldn't have to say anything else.

Marvel Team-Up #24 – While I've had a real love/hate relationship with this book in the past, I'm really enjoying the Freedom Ring arc and can't wait to see where it goes.


Moon Knight #6 – How stupid do they think we are? The exact same cover, only one has blood on it, and one doesn't. Seriously folks…it's the like the 90s never ended.


Nextwave #8 – Great cover as always. Too bad I don't find this book particularly amusing and haven't bothered reading it past issue #2.


Runaways #20 – So, based on this cover, Karolina's girlfriend/husband/whatever may just be joining the team in the future. Cool!

She-Hulk #12 – One of my favorite books. I just wish they'd get someone else to do a couple of covers. It's very hard to convince people to read this book when they see those Horn covers. Thankfully this one is reasonably tame.


Thunderbolts #106 – Nicieza's taken this book into a whole new direction, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Wish they had better layouts for the covers though. It's nice and all…but it could be more…stimulating, no?


Civil War – I'm one of those idiots who's getting everything Civil War related. I'm depressed enough over my stupidity. You'll pardon me if I don't write out every single book there is, ok?


Astonishing X-men #17 – I LOVE that expression on Wolverine's face. The book itself…meh.


X-Factor #11 – PAD proves once again how to write an ensemble book with talking heads and action every single issue. Take notes Bendis.


Uncanny X-men #478/X-men #191 – Each new writer gets 3-6 months to prove themselves. We'll see if these books will even be purchase-worthy by the time these issues roll around.


X-men: First Class – I've been really enjoying Joe Casey's early look at the Avengers and Fantastic Four. Hopefully Jeff Parker will provide something similar with the X-men.

X-men: Phoenix – Warsong – I liked the first mini. So…I'll give this one a shot too.

Well, that's it for Marvel this month. Not a bad haul overall. Will be back later with DC and Image. For now, expect reviews of new books as soon as I get 'em.


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