What I Read – Wednesday, June 21st 2006

I know, I know…horribly late. But it took a lot longer to read this week's comics than I thought it would. So anyway, here's what I read this week in short, bite-sized reviews:

X-Isle #1

Admittedly a blatant Lost/Land That Time Forgot rip-off, but I enjoyed it. It has a nice touch of mysterious surroundings and circumstances, and interesting characters. Combined I think those two elements could potentially yield some excellent stories. It's still something of a wait and see, but I'm on board for atleast the next 3 issues, so we'll see how it fares till then.

The Ultimates 2 #11

For a book that is better-bloggers-than-me-know many months late, this was a big disappointment. Nothing really happens except for weird-ass dealings with Thor, and Cap, Hawkeye, and Wasp going to town on the infiltrators. Not a bad issue by any means (it does have the pretty artwork after all), but not a good one either.

Gargoyles #1

I'm one of those people who used to watch this show religiously and thought that the "saturday morning edition" was watered-down and not at all well-done. This comic seeks to fix those wrongs, and I must say, it might just succeed. The characterizations are all familiar and very well handled; It was especially nice seeing Elisa and Goliath together again. The in-jokes were great as well, especially the pie-throwing guy from that infamous episode. Finally, the art was very nice. A bit sketchy in places, but overall a good fit for the series and in the end, that's all that really counts. Good book, but I don't think it would appeal much to non-Gargoyles fans.

Captain America #19

As usual, Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting deliver. This is another in a long line of excellent issues dealing with Master Man, Red Skull (who I'm liking again for the first time in a long, long time), Spitfire (yay!), Union Jack, Agent 13, Bucky, and of course ol' Steve himself. I loved the conversation between Jack and Sharon as they discuss her feelings towards Steve. It's nice to be reminded of that every once in a while as I think those feelings are what makes the two characters such great foils for each other. Plus, she did just sleep with him like 2 issues ago, so… Overall, another great issue, but if you're not reading this by now then I'm not gonna convince you, so move along.

Astonishing X-men #15

I guess this book is good. I mean it has some excellent moments throughout, and the art is by John Cassaday so it is arguably the best artwork on the shelves today, but there seemed to be something missing. Indiviually the moments in the book are fantastic; Wolverine playing with cut-up dolls, Beast on a bestial rampage, Colossus vs. Shaw, and of course, Kitty at the very end there. But the moments don't seem to work that well together. It all seems too…played out. Still a pleasant enough issue, but I don't see it going anywhere.

DMZ #8

I got this, but haven't had time to read it yet (plus I'm thinking of waiting till the arc is finished before I read this) so we'll just skip it, eh?

Flash #1

I hate the fastest man alive tag. I also hate the new direction. Now that that's out of the way, let's examine the indiviual problems I have with it. I hate the coloring for one. It's too washed-out, and I've never been a big fan of that effect. The art was ok, but it seemed to shine in places and really not-so-shine in other places. I'm assuming the multiple inkers could have something to do with that though. Bart as a 20-yr old? No thank you. The whole appeal of Bart was that he was the young gun. The character we all loved because of his impulsive, brash nature (which still peeked through during the Kid Flash days). It's all gone now, and so I don't like this new Bart. The new love interest? Why the hell does she look oriental if she's Spanish? Just a pet peeve…And the weird storytelling in the middle…I'm all for it if they'll explain Wally's whereabouts. Otherwise it's confusing and I don't like 'em. Finally, I still got this book because I've been reading Flash since the Early 90s. But this was by no means a new reader-friendly book, and I think that's a huge mistake on DC's part.

That's it for now. It's a bit incomplete since I still haven't read everything from last week. But hopefully this will do. I should be back later this week with a new (hopefully) weekly feature. Also will try to elaborate a bit more on a certain problem I have with the new Flash. (yeah…I have even more of them!!) Till then…


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