The 4400

I know, I know…I promised I would get to the final part of my fall 2006 pilots reviews this week, but I managed to get my hands on the first two seasons of The 4400 from a friend and have been trying to fit that into every single spare moment I get. I’m still gonna do the review…maybe with more shows that I have on the to-watch list currently, but it will probably not happen until Monday at the earliest. Sorry.

Now, about the 4400. I LOVE this show. It was a slow start admittedly, and the storyline has been so full of cliches in the first season that i was literally groaning out loud at some of the plot points. But with season 2, this show really comes into it’s own. Admittedly I have only thus far seen the first 3 episodes of the second season. But if what I’ve seen is anything to go by, this show is almost as good as Battlestar Galactica, and far superior to it’s sci-fi cousin Stargate SG-1. Now, huge amounts of spoilers coming up, so you have been warned.

I love how evil Lily’s baby seems to be. I mean, I was pretty much expecting something uber-awesome from this storyline, but the fact that the baby is barely 7 months old and already responsible for 3 murders and a felony just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. The conflict arising in Richard’s mind is palpable and excellent watching as he slowly comes to terms with that fact that the baby is probably more than either he or Lily bargained for.

The second major arc this season; that of Collier and his “war against humanity,” also seems to be gearing up for a cool showdown between the two forces somewhere down the line. I do wonder how many of the 4400 would side with him…and more importantly, I wonder if he will manifest a power or already has one that we don’t know anything about yet. The whole “stage a coup in another country” plot point that they just threw out there was also awesome and I hope that something becomes of that later on.

The character arcs of Baldwin and Skouris have also progressed very nicely. This show really used the One Year Later gap thing very effectively to move all the storylines forward. I hope to see a similar excellence in BSG, but more on that when the season actually starts. Still, great series and I highly recommend it to all fans of Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and any other Sci-Fi fans that are out there.


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