Superboy Prime, Is That You?

I know, I know. I already did a post on Superboy Prime. It was pretty fun and all, but lately I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Basically Morrison and Chopra both believe that our reality is on the verge of a mystical convergence which will change reality as we know it. According to Morrison, this change could come as quickly as 2012, and all the recent wars, skirmishes, terrorists, etc… are all symptoms of it, or as he put it: “the labor pains” of the current reality giving birth to the new one.

That is so cool.

I mean seriously, we are getting a new reality and wars are the way for it to express itself. I so can’t to live in a land that war created (note sarcasm). Still, it did bring me back to me original post. In it I kind of wondered if maybe all the current comic universes rebooting could in some wy be reflecting a possible similar condition for our world. Apparently Morrison agrees. He goes on to postulate on how comics are the new Mythology, and what is mythology if not loosely based on some form of reality? Could there be a Superboy Prime out there somewhere, fighting his way through a barrier or crystal to get to our reality? Maybe PUNCHING! his way towards these wars and skirmishes?

Yeah, yeah, I know…I’ve reached a whole nother realm of fanboy-stupidity. Still…you gotta admit, it’s cool, no? Let me what you think. Is Morrison just on too much crack? Or is he the next Messiah?


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