Teen Titans East

I don’t currently like Teen Titans.

It strikes me as being more than a little guilty of being a silver age wank-fest book, and it focuses too much on an already over-saturated character, Robin. I mean, the character of Tim Drake is one of the best new characters to come from DC in the past 2 decades, but he’s everywhere! He has his own book in Robin, he guest-stars in Detective Comics and occasionally Batman. He’s in Teen Titans, and he’s a regular stand-by in any book that has any possibilty of a teen character in the DCU.

In a book like Titans I would like to see more diversity; focus more on Wonder Girl. Cassie’s a wonderful character who has really matured and grown into a character that can potentially (I think) support her own series or atleast a mini-series at this point. Yet she gets relegated to second-string status next to Robin almost continously. How can Geoff Johns, the supreme high commander of DC continuity not remember that she has been leader of Young Justice. And that she did an awesome job as the leader? She should be in a leading role, especially as the Wonder Woman camp seems to ignoring her for now. Same goes, to a much lesser extent, for Kid Devil and Ravager.

It’s been 4 issues since One Year Later started, but we still know barely anything about either of them or their motivations. And that’s after we had a Kid Devil-centric storyline! I expect more from Johns that’s all I’m saying.

Still, for all it’s flaws, I couldn’t help being intrigued and somewhat expectant of the Titans East team. I was hoping this would be a team that would finally bring the old titans, like Argent, Risk, Harlequin, etc… back to the forefront. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case. Titans East (in DC’s own promos and Johns’ various interviews) is a team of villains. It focuses on the arch-nemesises (Now I know how Andrew felt!) of all the current Titans. This means that, sadly, all those Titans that I miss seeing…I won’t be seeing them again anytime soon. And that sucks. I hope Johns does come up with something to showcase these “missing” Titans…but considering how much DC is relying on the Silver Age and how little they seem to care for everything that has come after…I’m not holding my breath.


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