Teen Titans East Members

I figured since I had already written about these chaps once. I should atleast follow-up with a look at which members comprise the team (the already revealed ones anyway) and how they affect the Titans members that they hate. Spoilers Ahead….so you have been warned.

Sun GirlSun Girl – I’m betting this is the arch-enemy of Girl Martian. The motive seems to fit, no? She’s all flamey and martians are afraid of fire so she should be the perfect enemy. Can’t really say anymore about this character as she’s new and so is her foe…we’ll see how it develops this week. Also, the character is based on Sun Boy. Could this be some leakage of the Legion into the DCU-Proper? I certainly hope not!

MatchMatch – Since he is kind of a bizarro-Superboy, it makes sense that he would be there as Superboy’s enemy. And this guy is truly deserving of the name. Match impersonated Superboy for a time while keeping him trapped in a lab. He also was responsible(indirectly) for the death of Tana Moon. He’s been a thorn in Superboy’s side ever since his first appearance. And he exhibited the powers of Heat Vision, etc…a lot sooner than Conner, thus making him an overachiever. No wonder Conner hates(d) him.

Kid CrusaderKid Crusader – Again, know nothing about this character past the fact that he’s obviously the guy against Kid Devil. We all know Kid Devil has the whole demon thing going on, so who, but apparently a choir boy from the looks of things, would in fact be his enemy? Also, am I the only one getting an Altar Boy (a la Astro City) vibe from this guy?

InertiaInertia – Obviously Bart’s arch-foe. Inertia is the anti-Bart such as it were. This guy is actually a clone of Bart’s who also took Bart’s place for a time, and was responsible for the disappearance of Max into the speed force. This is another weird choice, since last we saw Inertia he was headed towards a path of, well not goodness, but away from evil anyway. Still, he’s atleast a valid super-villain.
BatgirlBatgirl – Robin’s one-time partner and now arch-foe. I hate this development for the character, and hate how they executed it even more. This is still something of an interesting choice as she can really screw with Robin’s head, and is far superior to him in the art of hand-to-hand combat. She does have the potential to be an incredible foe for Robin. I just wish they had bothered to set it up more.

HarlequinJoker’s Daughter – No idea who she could be the arch-foe for. Seriously. This character has had an incredibly schizophrenic past. I guess, considering the motif, she could be Ravager’s counterpoint. You know, Joker’s daughter vs. Deathstroke’s daughter. Still, she doesn’t really have the personal problem with the hero that the rest of these guys seem to have.

That’s it for now. If I find anymore people I’ll put ’em up too. Should be interesting to see where this goes though. Next I hope to re-start the weekly review thing. Much shorter, and only focused on a couple of books now instead of everything I read. I’ll try to have it be a good mix of good and bad. Let’s hope it works. Also expect comments from me on the season finales of both Entourage and The 4400 (both of which air tonight!).


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