The 4400 – Season 3 Finale

I finally managed to watch this. Wasn’t easy to be perfectly honest as free time is a very precious commodity these days. Anyway, in short, while I enjoyed the direction they seem to be heading in, I was a bit underwhelmed by this episode. After a couple of truly excellent episodes (starting with Blink and uptill Terrible Swift Sword) in which we not only got absolutely fantastic character development, but also the return of a couple of old favorites (I’m looking at you, Jordan Collier) this episode seemed too…blase. It was predictable in some ways, and the cliffhangers for next season were just not as compelling as they have been in seasons past. Anyway, spoilers ahead, so tread with care.

Let’s deal with the problems I had with this episode first and then move on to the good stuff. Firstly, I did not enjoy the whole Isabelle torturing the students at the 4400 center bit. Uptill now, there was always a possibility that she could come back. Maybe she wasn’t evil incarnate, and maybe, just maybe, she truly did love Shawn. That storyline is completely out of the picture now. She is unrepentantly evil and Shawn was nothing more than a pawn to her…to be used and discarded as she saw fit. It fits with the character, but I think more time could’ve been spent on it, versus the rapid acceleration of the storyline they conducted to give more time to the Promycin plot.

Which brings me to the second thing I didn’t like in this episode. You mean that I am actually expected to believe that people are passing out Promycin injections on the streets so cavalierly and NTAC has no idea about it? I mean Diana’s sister found out about it, how the hell couldn’t NTAC? Another bit…kill off Kyle already. Please. That has to be the least interesting character in the entire series and they keep bringing him back, keep giving him a storyline, and keep taking precious time away from the more viable and interesting characters. Him having powers? Yeah…that’s just what he needs. Another “in” for the future.

Enough grousing…let’s get to the good. And there was still a lot of good. I think this show’s true strength is actually the fact that the writers are never sure when the show might get cancelled and they have to fit 22+ episodes worth of storytelling into just 13. It really allows them to not have any real ‘filler’ episodes.

Anyway, I loved Diana’s decision to take some time off in this. Considering who her daughter is and how her bosses have been treating her, I would’ve been very disappointed if Diana had not run out on her job at some point or another. Her leaving with Ben was organic, made sense, and was totally in keeping with the character and her maturation in the series. She’s slowly grown to realize how much her family means to her, and how her job is getting in the way. I thought this was a necessary and excellent choice for the character to make at this point in the series. The fallout should be interesting.

Dealing with a cliffhanger that truly stood out for me, Alanna’s ‘abduction.’ I’m not sure I  like where they might be taking this storyline. It appears that Alanna is probably more important to the future than we were initially led to believe. And if that is the case, who’s to say that Tom is actually the most important one with regards to the 4400…maybe he’s the one who was supposed to keep Alanna in the picture by being her support and help instead of the other way around? Either way, I don’t like this particular development, although depending on the handling it could be an immensely interesting storytelling oppurtunity.

I did love the role of both Summer Glau as Tess and Jeffrey Combs as Kevin. I don’t know why, but I love these two. I sincerely hope we see a lot more of them next season, and along with Collier they get more screen time than they have previously. Another favorite is Richard Kahan who is awesome as the geek-tech-guy. It sucks that he had to be written out, but I think the character still has a lot of potential.

Finally, Tom and Shawn. I think I would like it if Shawn lost his abilities. It would be a nice role reversal if Shawn suddenly had no powers while Kyle did. It is the only possible storyline where I can envision Kyle being interesting. In regards to Tom, I think having a son who has taken Promycin would probably push him over the edge. I want to see what his feelings in regard to the future may be…and also what he believes probably happened to Alanna. Considering his history, I wouldn’t be surprised if the poor guy thinks she abandoned him, or the Nova Group got to her. Should be interesting to see where his character will be after the seasonal hiatus time passed.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I do plan on returning to another look at the 4400 at some point before the next season starts, but this is it for now. Next, comic reviews!