Entourage Season 3 Finale(?)

Another week, another tv show’s season finale conquered. The new fall season is finally starting up so I’m trying to finish off all my old Too-Watch shows. Expect reviews of Life As We Know It (finally managed to watch it), The Battlestar Webisodes (Loving It!), and the season premieres of House and Justice (will hopefully get to them soon…) shortly.

Anyway, back to the show at hand. As I’ll be discussing major plot points I’m posting behind the cut. So, spoilers lay ahead…tread with care!

I cannot fucking wait for the next episode of this show now! I seriously am kicking myself for not waiting longer to watch it. The cliffhanger was massive, and directly effects one of my favorite characters in this show. Yes, that’s right, Vincent Chase actually fired Ari Gold! I couldn’t believe they would actually go in this direction, but you know what? It. Is. Awesome.

I just started watching this show about 3 months ago. Got my hands on the season 1 and 2 dvds, and then did a quick catch-up with the current season. Having gotten to watch the series at such a rapid clip, I have been spoiled. I’m going thorugh Entourage-withdrawals these days. This was the best season finale to date, and the most shocking.

When the final words were uttered, I just wanted to jump to the next episode to see that everything would be ok. The boys would return to Ari. There would be a reconciliation. But I couldn’t. I have to wait until April for the next episode. April! That’s 6 months from now! That’s like a lifetime away. I WANT Ari to come out on top. He’s a bastard, an asshole, and more things than I care to print here, but he’s an honest character at heart. Jeremy Piven has really done a lot to make an otherwise irascible, unlikable character like Ari Gold into one we silently root for, and really care about.

I also hope that this wasn’t actually the season finale as has been implied but the begining of a looong hiatus. From what I’ve been reading, Season 3 is actually 20 episodes and the other 7 will play after the current season of Sopranos ends. If that is the case, then the status quo will be restored at the end of the season. I’m sure of it. But if it isn’t and there will be a new season? I seriously wonder where this storyline could go. Would we have Ari making it hard for the boys to get another agent as he attempted in this episode? Will Vince actually find someone who’s willing to put in the time and effort on his behalf…personally…that Ari has? I can’t wait to find out.

This show has also been helped by the ending of the Aquaman storyline. I think the whole rift with Warner’s was a brilliant move. It has created a true nemesis for the boys and Ari and will probably be haunting them for the rest of the series unless the Warner’s President changes. I can’t wait to see where Dana’s story goes for one. Constance Zimmer is great, and it was nice seeing her on a semi-regular basis on this show. I hope the remaining episodes will have a lot more of her.

Well…this rambled and ranted for a lot longer than I initially planned. But I think I covered all the bases. I actually wanted to try a new free-form blogging technique. I’m not sure how well it worked. If you read this…please comment. I would like some feedback!! Anyway, that’s it for now. Next up…some comics (hopefully…I’m loving Agents of Atlas and want to pimp that so will probably write something on that soon…) and the promised tv coverage.


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