Comics Reviews – Week of September 6th, 2006

Well…here I go again. One more foray into the world of comic reviewing. Let’s see how this one works out, eh?

AoA 2Agents of Atlas #2

I love this series. Issue 1 was good and convinced to pick up the entire mini, but this issue was awesome. Everything from the futuristic tech of Marvel Boy and the inherent problems with using the ‘facilities’ to the delightful naivte and creepiness of Venus’ proclamation, “Food, drink or sex” this was pitch-perfect. This issue also gave us an origin for Gorilla-Man, and best of all…Yellow Claw!! I seriously cannot articulate how much this book kicks all kinds of ass! Read It…even you DC-Only freaks. If anything, I would say this is the Marvel book that will appeal to all Silver Age fans everywhere.


I had stopped reading DMZ for the past 5 months so I could read the entire “Body of a Journalist” storyline in one sitting. I’m glad to say it was more than worth the wait.

Brian Wood is a genius, plain and simple. He managed to take what was basically a stock idea about an embedded journalist and turned it on it’s ear by putting Matty firmly in the neutral territory. In his current situation, Matt is neither for, nor against the U.S.A, and the Free States can’t really count on him for support either. He’s truly alone, truly on his own, and it makes for an incredible new direction which should be fun to follow. This book makes me excited about Vertigo again…something that has been sorely lacking of late.

AtomAll-New Atom #3

Another solid issue by Gail Simone and John Byrne here. I have to say, I’m very impressed by Simone’s handling of the character of Ryan Choi in this book. No slight intended, since I love her work on Birds of Prey, but Simone has never really struck me as the type of writer who can really let loose with the wild and crazy ideas, instead opting for more of a real, and in a way, safe approach. I don’t know how much of this book is Grant and how much is Gail, but this issue proved to me that Simone can handle this character very well. The whole bit with the Magic vs. Science, and everything…it is very nice. I still don’t really find a use or need for this book…but for what it is…it’s not half bad.

Oh, and this is the first time in ages that I’ve actually liked Byrne’s art, so that’s saying something too.

LocalLocal #6

Last review for now. I initially decided to get Local because of Demo. I LOVED Demo. It was my favorite series of last year, and I still re-read it whenever I can (especially Mix-Tape…which was phenomenal in it’s ability to capture the emotions of someone who has loved and lost). So, it is no mean feat when I say that this was the best issue of Local yet, and when comparing with Demo, almost on par with Mix-Tape.

Wood continued with Megan in this and it was nice to look back in on her after an issue where she was pretty much on the sidelines. I like this look we seem to be getting of Megan, this image we are starting to form of her which must change slightly each issue as a year passes between the issues. It’s a unique form of storytelling, and one that I think serves this book very well. Less time would make us question the changes she develops, and more would make it seem like not enough has happened. Wood and Ryan Kelly have discovered the perfect mix, and the images complement the words so well that this is practially the definition of a perfect comic. I just hope the next issue comes out faster than this one did.

That’s it for now. More to come soon. T.V., Agents of Atlas retrospective, and of course, the promised regular fall t.v. reviewing!