Teen Titans One-Year Gap Members…and Traitor!

Well…I’ve gone over the Titans East roster to a great extent. Will probably do more on that as the info becomes available. But I figure having done that, I should examine the Titans membership during the Year-Without-The-Trinity. And since Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel have been kind enough to give us a huge peek at the entire line-up, I figure it’s a good place to start. So here goes…

Teen Titans

So…let’s see:, in Vegas style betting odds! (These are all ‘on’ rather than ‘off’)

Flamebird: One of my favorite Teen Titans West from the original incarnation. Bette was one of those characters who always had a lot of potential but never seemed to really achieve that because most writers used her for comedic relief. Personally I think she could easily become as capable as Robin given a good enough writer. Also, her possible links with Batwoman might be interesting to explore. Chance of being a traitor – 200 to 1.

Bombshell: This one looks like she may be a leftover from Luthor’s Free-Powers Giveaway. I’m assuming she’ll have some kind of blowing-things-to-smithereens ability and since she is potentially from Luthor, I’m betting her traitorous quotient is high. Chance of being traitor – 4 to 1.

Kid Devil: C’mon, it’s Kid Devil! We all love Eddie at this point and he’s a fantastic character. But he isn’t the traitor. For one, apparently the traitor has already left the team, and secondly, Eddie is just not devious enough to pull a Terra. Chance of being a traitor – 0.

Aquagirl: I really liked this character from the pre-OYL Aquaman book, and was hoping she would end up joining the Titans. Sucks that it was during that missing year, but whatever. I’m hoping she isn’t a traitor, but since Aquaman was basically lost because of magic, she could be trying to bring him back and thus need the book (which I think has to do with Trigon)…Chance of being a traitor – 10 to 1.

Zatara: Now this character we know nothing about. I’m hoping (like half the bloggers out there) that this is Zatanna’s son. But the more likely aspect is that he’s either an unheard of nephew, or probably someone that just happened to adopt the name. Either way, I think potentially he could the traitor. Chance of being a traitor – 10 to 1.

Speedy: Ah, the AIDS-mobile herself. I’m sorry for being insensitive, but giving this character AIDS was one of the worst storylines from last year and I still fume over it. Speedy was an excellent addition to the Arrow legacy, but Winick’s penchant for adding unnecessary tragedy to every character’s backstory basically ruined her. Chance of being a traitor – 0.

Beast Boy: I’m not even going to bother with a write-up on this one. It’s Garfield! Chance of being a traitor – 0.

Power Boy: Maybe it’s Power Girl’s missing son (raise your hands, anyone who remembers THAT horror of a storyline) or it’s another Luther “Prize-Winner!” Either way, I expect him to be a very possibility as far as traitors are concerned. Chance of being a traitor – 4 to 1.

Offspring: Plastic Man’s son from the Kingdom storyline. I personally enjoyed his appearances there, am hoping he fits into continuity well in this book. Still, considering Plas’ less-than-alturistic past, I wouldn’t put it past this guy being a traitor. Chances of being a traitor – 8 to 1.

Little Barda: Another hope for a legacy character here. How awesome would it be if this were Scott Free and Big Barda’s daughter? I would absolutely love it if that were to happen. Or she could be an Apokolips agent sent to spy on Earth. Chance of being a traitor – 8 to 1.

Hawk and Dove: I refuse to believe these two could be the traitors because it took Geoff Johns 5 years just to resolve the last traitor-Hawk storyline. I doubt he wants to return to it anytime soon. Chances of being a traitor – 100 to 1.

Miss Martian: Not a traitor. She’s the newest darling of the comic-verse, and I’m pretty sure she’s joining the team as a regular member soon. Chances of being a traitor – 200 to 1.

Red Star: I would love it if he were a traitor, but I’m betting he isn’t. He also seems poised to join the team, so I’ll give him conservative odds of 50 to 1 on him being a traitor.

Mas y Menos: Damned if I know who these two are. Seem to have super-speed powers though. Since other than the flashes, all the super-speed people tend to be evil in the DCU, I’m gonna go with 20 to 1.

Argent: I hope she isn’t the traitor, and I’m betting she won’t be. One of my favorite members from the short-lived Dan Jurgens helmed Teen Titans, Argent has a lot of potential, and I’m hoping she can become a vital part of the team at some point. Chances of being a traitor – 150 to 1.

Hot Spot: Looks like another candidate from Luthor. I’m begining to wonder if there was a team completely composed of Luthor’s Supers at any point during the missing year. Should be interesting to see if Johns goes along with the idea. Anyway, I’m going with 10 to 1 because of the possible Luthor-affiliation.

Mirage: This is a tough one. Mirage has been a member in good standing of the Titans for a pretty long time now, but she comes from a future (Does she still? I lost track during Zero Hour…anyone know for sure?) that was destroyed and gave birth to people like Deathwing, so I wouldn’t put it past her. So, 50 to 1 seems like a good possibility.

CM3: Never. In. A. Million. Years. Chances of Being a Traitor – 0.

Riddler’s Daughter and Joker’s Daughter: Based solely on the names, and Harlequin’s penchant for switching sides at random, I’m gonna go with odds of 4 to 1 for both of them. Hell…if they didn’t do something evil I would be sorely disappointed. Although apparently Joker’s daughter is going to be a member of Teen Titans East.

Talon: Some kind of Robin-lookalike. I dunno. I guess he could be a traitor, but I’m betting no. Odds are 8 to 1.

Young Frankenstein: Maybe Morrison’s Frankenstein gets de-aged in Seven Soldiers #1? Could be a possibility, or this guy could be his actual son, which would be awesome. I’m still assuming he won’t be traitor, but to be on the safe side, he gets odds of 50 to 1.

Ravager: I don’t think that even Geoff Johns would stripmin the Silver Age to the extent of giving us an exact duplicate of Terra, but you never know with his unhealthy obsession of the Silver Age. Chances of being a traitor – 8 to 1.

Molecule: Some kind of Junior-Atom by the looks of things. I’m gonna go with another no here. Chances of being a traitor – 20 to 1.

Osiris: And finally, Isis’ little brother. I guess Shazam or Isis find a way to give him some abilities too. Based solely on Isis’ influence, I would say the odds are against him being a traitor. Chances of being a traitor – 10 to 1.

So, I guess the leading contenders are Power Boy, Bombshell, and Riddler and Joker’s daughters. We’ll see how right I am soon enough (or not, this is a Geoff Johns book after all)

Next time…no more Titans! I’m as sick of them as you probably are at this point. I think instead I’ll compare the current wonder woman to my favorite era of the book (the mid-70s!). Oh, and more tv…of course.


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