Simpsons and Family Guy Season Premieres

Ah…the fall t.v. season is finally upon us. The birds are chirping, the cats are yowling, and it’s time to watch t.v. regularly again for those of us with no social existence to speak of. So, let’s start off with the very first new episodes of returning shows to hit the airwaves; The Simpsons and Family Guy.

The Simpsons

Quite frankly it almost feels like heresy to attempt to review the simpsons. The show is an institution and has been running for almost as long as I have been alive at this point. This is the first episode of the 18th(!!) season and seriously, how many shows, much less animated ones can say they have reached this level? Not that many I can assure you. You can probably count them all off on one hand.

But…I am here to review…so review I shall.

This was a decent episode of the show. The storylines, as always, followed the same pattern they always have with, as a seeming rarity, the show focusing more on looking at the other denizens of Springfield with the Simpsons as our eyepieces. This episode focused on Fat Tony and his son. I loved the Sopranos pastiches, and parodies, but it still felt played out. I guess after 18 season, no matter how hard you try, you really can’t do anything newm you know? It was good, enjoyable, but it wasn’t anything awe-inspiring or particularly orginal. It was the Simpsons at it’s average, and that’s pretty damn good on it’s own.

Family Guy

This was extremely sophomoric, childish and very immature. And I loved it. Family Guy is a very inconsistent show. It sometimes excels at what it does (which is basically poking fun at any genre-event/media-storyline it can find) and other times it is just a boring rehash of much better Simpsons episodes-past.  This episode dealt with the all-important Prostate Exam, and I have to admit, if I were Peter I would probably have the same reaction for my first time. It was funny, and while the whole thing did ramble a bit too much, the joke worked and that’s what’s all-important in shows like this.

The second storyline with Stewie and Lois in a role-reversal situation was also pretty good. I liked seeing Stewie in a different role since well…it’s Stewie. He’s the best part of the show. All in all, a good begining, and should be interesting to see what else they come up with.

That’s it for now. Will try to watch and review the pilot of Smith (it’s 90 minutes…) and the season premieres and second episodes of both Justice and House, MD. No promises, but I will try.

Also…am hard at work on the Agents of Atlas Retrospective so expect that sometime by the end of the week. (scanning old books is hard!)


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