Civil War #4 Thoughts

I was planning on putting this in the regular reviews, but this couldn’t wait. I have some very strong stirrings of apathy for this book and I figure I’ll dwell on why I have this problem instead of offering a regular review for it. That being said…Spoilers Below!

First off, the obvious character died. It was pretty disappointing. I mean, I could atleast have expressed some modicum of shock at the death of someone like Hercules, Cloak or Dagger, but Black Goliath? Seriously…whoever did not see that coming is a moron.

Still…the fact that he died isn’t that important. It’s how he died. A Thor-clone? A fucking Thor-clone? You really wanna go down THAT route, Millar? I mean for fuck’s sake, haven’t we had enough of evil clones at this point. I thought this book was supposed to be about moving forward, not retreading Clone Sagas. Of course, the clone does raise some points. Is he wielding the real hammer, Mjolnir? Or is he carrying a Tony Stark invented substitute? Also, does this mean that the REAL Thor is still en route from Ohio, where we last saw D.B. in the Fantastic Four book? I’m just interested is all I’m saying.

Next up, Sue Storm’s departure. While it made sense, and I get her reasoning, I don’t get the need for a note. If she had to write anything it should only have covered the kids and their situation…I just don’t think it was like Sue to write something so detailed and anal (Sex is good for the immune system…huh). And I thought the Thing had moved to France…what happened there?

I do appreciate Peter’s slow reversion to the “good” side. Because make no mistake, the Pro-Registration is the flat-out evil side now. They (Reed, Hank, and Tony) have no redeeming qualities left now…at all. Seriously…they are finished as heroes in my eyes, and it’ll take a helluva deus ex machina to reverse their characters into heroic positions again. Unless they’re all Skrulls.

Finally…the new Thunderbolts? Not bad…not bad at all. Although is that Melissa? I don’t see how she could stand to be with this particular team…but we’ll see next issue…whenever it shows up. All in all, a so-so issue. I thought it wasn’t horrible, but it could’ve been a LOT better.

The art WAS nice though. McNiven did a very nice job, and I can almost forgive the delays for that artwork. The fall-out in the Spider-books should be interesting though…if Peter does revert, how will that affect MJ and May…exactly.

Soon, I’ll put up the remaining week’s reviews. And the tv reviews shall start in earnest. Until then…Kick Butt!


3 responses to “Civil War #4 Thoughts

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  2. whoah, skewed perspectives indeed. i have some problems with your assessment of the cloning situation, but first of, it sounds to me like you didnt particularly like millar’s ultimates books. you sound a bit like a classicist, which is fine, but for me, millar’s ultimate take on the avengers was one of the best things published in mainstream comics in the last 3 years. its easy to see him taking a lot of cues from there… and one thing i found innovative about that was both the sinister and sincere application of genetic research in the realm of superheroes who themselves are sponsored by a government with questionable motives. sure, an “evil” clone is a tired ploy, but just the idea of a team of scientists cloning a god to be deployed as a weapon… well, i think thats damned interesting. also, ive been a solid captain america supporter from the beginning, but this issue was where i really begin to doubt his reasoning. sure, we want to root for the underdog and the rebel, and sure, tony and reed are sacrificing a large degree of the moral high ground in employing the new thunderbolts, but the meeting in caps headquarters afterwards really raises questions that should be addressed. are the principles of the conflict really solid enough to justify this degree of violence? is captain america really too stuck on an outdated system of values to see the benefits of the registration act? cassie and nighthawk’s desertion of the team really make this side of the argument for me. anyways, that being said i cant quite imagine actually rooting for the pro-reg side of things, but they’re giving you a lot to think about anyways. i thought the ultimates succeeded in this respect, and in my opinion, the civil war is shaping up to succeed at least just as well.

  3. First off, thanks for commenting. It gets quite frustrating seeing how many people are reading your blog and getting no feedback.

    Now as for your comments, you actually make me rethink some points. Yes, I do agree that Captain America is acting a bit insane, but at the same time you have to examine the situation from his perspective a bit too. He almost died in the battle and now he’s being confronted by heroes that claim that his death would’ve been meaningless as they would’ve just jumped ship. That can prove to be very disturbing for even the American Legend.

    And my problem with Clor(love that!) has actually changed somewhat since this post (with multiple readings comes greater understanding…) and is now more about how he is being treated by the Pro-Reg side. He’s basically like a tool for them, and that de-humanises the characters in the Pro-Reg side to such a great extent that i seriously cannot concieve of ever looking on Stark or Richards as heroes again. This was someone they fought alongside, and were even friends with…and they can use him like a tool without batting an eye? That’s just wrong.

    Also, you mention the Ultimates…that’s just it. In the Ultimates I would read something like this without batting an eye. It fits the characters, and would make perfect sense considering the government of that universe. But in the regular MU, I expect different characterizations, that’s all.

    I actually do like Ultimates, but I do like the regular Universe more. That’s just the way I roll, and can’t change that. I don’t have anything against Millar per se…just his use of the characters in this particular mini.

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