Comic Butt-Shots #1: Dagger

I’ve decided I need a regular column-type thing around here so I’ve decided to start things off with Comic Butt-Shots!!! That’s right. I shall be exploring the dark underbelly of comics artwork and trying to find different comics each week which prominently feature a character’s behind. I hope to get mostly females and I’m sure the comic artists won’t disappoint me, but fret not nubile females…the male ones shall probably be seen every time an issue of Green Lantern is out (yes…that book is way too heavy on Hal-Ass – pun way intended). So, without further ado…let’s start with this week’s entry: Dagger (from Civil War #4)

In this week’s Civil War, Steve McNiven had to draw Dagger a couple of times. I count 7 appearances but I could be wrong. Out of those 7, 3 are boob-shots, 2 are face-shots and 2 are the reason we are here: Butt-Shots! Now I don’t know what this exactly says about McNiven, but hey…any fodder for this blog is much appreciated.

Dagger!First off, the subdued butt-shot. This one is almost demure in it’s appearance as while it does showcase the shapely ass of Tandy, it’s no worse than any other character standing with their back to the reader. It was also somewhat in context as we were supposed to be looking at Thor through the characters’ eyes and thus having their backs towards us made sense. All in all, a good shot enhanced greatly by the slight peep-show we get from the frayed pants.

Dagger!!!The second and final butt-shot of this particular issue was a lot more…revealing…in certain aspects anyway. In this shot you can clearly see the contours of the ass incredibly well. I mean seriously, it’s like McNiven wanted us to notice this particular piece. In a panel filled with screaming heroes and a huge-ass hammer, Dagger gets a prominent butt-shot when a simple fall-splat would’ve sufficed. This does make me want to read more McNiven books but I wonder if this was really necessary in the context of the scene. Not bad…but c’mon…she didn’t need to be falling face-first with her butt in the air.

That concludes our weekly introduction of crass. Tune in next week when I hope to return with more butts. As long as there be butts…there be me. Stay tuned!


6 responses to “Comic Butt-Shots #1: Dagger

  1. Hey maaan… whatchu got against the butt? Did a… did a butt do something to you? I mean… it’s good to see the ass in any kind of picture. You a gay sumbitch? I dont want to hear any more of yer yappin’ about butt shots.. butts r’ good. Just ask my wife and mah sister. She’s right over there.

  2. Ah…my first heckler. I’m all a-flutter.
    Delighted to meet your acquaintance old chap. No, I have no problems with butts…as you would see if you would read the post in it’s entirety instead of just looking at the pretty pictures.

  3. I’m sure I’ve missed something in the intervening years, but wasn’t Dagger’s outfit, like, cosmically welded to her body? Really, I don’t know how to describe it but in the old days, she couldn’t actually change out of costume – like it was glued to her skin. From what I saw in Miyazawa’s interpretation in Runaways (I initially presumed it was some form of artistic license), I’m gathering this is no longer the case?

  4. ^^ Yeah…Both Cloak and Dagger now have the ability to change to their “human” forms when they wish, but it does take a toll and leaves them quite vulnerable so they prefer to stay in the powered forms. This is however forgotten by most writers…

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