Comic Reviews – Week of September 20th, 2006

Here we go again…another round of comic reviews from my inadequate pallet of words. So without further ado:

Civil War #4Civil War #4

Go here.

Exiles #86

I enjoyed this. Bedard is basically treading water right now waiting for the Claremont run to start (which can’t since Claremont is out of commission). As far as sticking to the status quo is concerned, Bedard is obviously having fun. He’s playing around with the characters and the perceptions we have of them, but not messing with the formula, and it works. I liked the multiple Wolverines in this, it was funny and just enjoyable to read. It did feel a little rushed but I think that has more to do with the fact that this book is the complete opposite of decompressed and I’m so used to reading much more expansive stories these day. Still…good book. Will miss Bedard when he’s gone.

Astonishing X-men #17

Astonishing X-menI feel like I can cut-and-paste old reviews for this book because nothing really changes. It’s still a book filled with great moments, and the artwork is phenomenal, but that’s all it is…great moments. It doesn’t seem to have any sort of cohesion and the plot suffers for that. I did like the Kitty Pryde storyline in this. It made sense, and it was fun to read…but it still felt like Moment! instead of a part of a story. Still…it’s good for what it is…I just wish it could be more.

Birds of Prey #98

BoPI’m not really sure how I feel about this one. On the one hand, I’m kind of glad that Barbara isn’t the Batgirl we’ve been recieving hints about. On the other hand…I dunno…I was kinda hoping she would be. I miss Babs as Batgirl. I’m one of the few people who believe that she can be just as effective a character with mobility as without it. Anyway…good issue overall.

I loved the All-Star Batman & Robin riff that Simone had Batgirl spouting, and the storyline with Helena and her ’empire’ seems to progressing nicely. The storyline with Sin is hilarious. I mean, really…I wish we could have more scenes with that kid in it. It sucks that the whole story will have to be cut short to make room for Black Canary moving to JLA (another reason to hate the book…like I really needed one.) The next issue should be interesting…and knowing the new lineup coming up in issue #100, I can’t wait to see how we get there.

Blade v3 #1

Blade #1I’ve never really enjoyed Blade as a comic book. His presence in the Midnight Sons many, many years ago was the last real exposure I got of him and beyond that I’ve pretty much ignored anything and everything concerning him. Saying that, I really enjoyed this issue. The story made Blade cool, something which I’ve never really thought of the comic Blade. The movie one is cool, yes…but the comic one has always been lacking in the “cool”-factor.

This book really made Blade into a badass character. He kills 100 kids without batting an eye because they’re all vampires. He fights and beats Vampire-Spider-Man. He fights off a Helicarrier filled with Vampires. It was awesome! Howards Chaykin’s art helped greatly. It reflected the book’s character very well, and was just perfect for the story being told. Overall excellent book, and with the revelation at the end, I can’t wait to read the next issue.

Catwoman #59

CatwomanPfeiffer’s continues his slow-burn approach, and it works beautifully in this book. We start things off with the Film Freak (a character who’s interesting, but…not very appealing) and it was nice to see him backing up a complete plan based on Jimmy Cagney movies. Selina’s speech to Ted was also very nice, and provided a nice nod to the events going on in Marvel’s Civil War.

Holly’s situation seems interesting as well. It should be interesting to see how Selina manages to break her out, and what path she’ll take once she has broken out. I am actually really hoping that the whole Sam thing is still a red herring, because really…I want Batman to be the father! I don’t care how they do it…they have to do it. Helena Wayne…I miss her. Otherwise cool issue, and finally, someone who understands that you don’t have to write strictly for the trade to have a compelling self-contained story.

Walking DeadThe Walking Dead #31

Good as usual. I’m really tired of the whole “Town” storyline right now, but am willing to give it a few more issues. This has been the most boring storyline of this title in quite a while. Still good…but boring. Adlard’s art is great as always though.

Krypto The Super Dog #1

KryptoI don’t know why, but I’ve always liked the concept of Krypto. He’s patently ridiculous and reeks of the worst possible aspects of the Silver Age, but while I hate Comet, and Streaky, I adore Krypto, and was fairly pleased to discover that a cartoon starring him was being produced for kids. This comic proves that while Krypto may not belong in the main DCU anymore…he’s definitely a viable character and deserves more recognition.

First off, I loved the “Animal Justice League.” Comprised of the above-mentioned Streaky, Krypto and Ace the Bat-Hound, it was a clever way to showcase a lot of super-hero pets while maintaining telling a fast, action-packed story that any kid would adore. See, that’s the thing with this book…it is unrepentantly and totally for kids. Adults can enjoy it too, but it is childish and prides itself on it. In this day and age of DC and Marvel both pandering to the existing fan-base almost exclusively, it’s nice to see some effort being put forward to capture the imaginations of the next generation of comic readers. And this book will deliver in spades. Definitely buy if you have babysitting duties or plan to entertain nephews/nieces.

Also bought but not yet read: Checkmate #6, Civil War: X-men #3, X-Factor #11, Ion #6, and X-men: First Class #1. So, I may do a reviews part 2 thing sometime before next Wednesday if I have time.


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