Six Degrees/Grey’s Anatomy Quick Shot

I’m in something of a hurry today so I’ll make this short, and hopefully still manage to cover all the bases.

Six Degrees, Season 1, Episode 1

I don’t know about this show quite frankly. It had an interesting begining and I must say I’m intrigued by the whole emphasis on the “six-degrees-of-separation” thing the writers have going over here, but something just felt off. Maybe it’s the fact that this show is essentially an indie-flick stretched into a tv show or that the actors (for a change) actually seem better than the writing, that I’m confused about this show. I like it…but I find myself wanting more from it. The acting in case you didn’t notice was excellent, with really superb performances by Bridget Moynahan, Jay Hernandez, Erika Christiansen, and Scott Campbell. Hope Davis was pretty good too, but she was too much in the background in this episode to truly be an accurate depiction of the character’s potential. Dorian Missick I’m sorry to say had the most cliche storyline and I just didn’t like it.

I do really want to like this show so hope it improves, but thus far it is the first new show of the season that is teetering on the brink of being dropped. It still gets 2 more eps…but I can’t give it anything more unless it improves immensely.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season3, Episode 1 (and something about 2)

This show is bar none the best drama on television right now.The characters are believable, the conversations feel heartfelt, and the acting is pretty damned good as well. This was the first episode after the hiatus and dealt with the fallout from the season finale. Denny’s still dead, Izzy’s still in mourning, and Addison has finally discovered that it is in fact, truly over.

I think this episode was the first time I actually felt sorry for Addison. To be perfectly honest, I can’t stand the character of the “cheater” and she was the evil bitch who cheated on Derek…of course now he’s the cheater (the ass!) and there’s a certain vulnerability to her that is…touching. I almost wish they still had a chance, but it’s obvious they don’t, and the focus of the show has shifted away from that particular love triangle anyway.

Bailey’s character was also a surprise in this episode. Apparently Denny’s death has deeply affected her, or she’s just become softer after becoming a mother. I’m not sure which and hopefully it will become fully clear during the course of the season, but I like it. Bailey’s always fun to watch, and I can’t wait to see where they take the character.

Chief Webber and George’s storylines are the most boring currently (and maybe Alex, who sadly, has NO storyline) with Chief being kicked out of house and home and George still unwilling to say “I Love You” to Callie. Callie on the other hand is slowly changing from a character I really didn’t like last season, to someone who has the kind of dialogue that you want to repeat over and over again. “We’re all 17 years old” indeed.

Finally, the ending pretty much sets up the first couple of episodes, and it was pleasant. Now, the good news, apparently Canada’s CTV showed the second episode of the season this week instead of the first, and we all know what that means…2 Grey’s Anatomy this week! Of course that means no Grey’s Anatomy in the coming week…but eh…I take what I can get. The recap special was pretty good too…I liked the Fray music video quite a bit.

Whew…for a short post, I really stretched this thing out, eh? Anyway, expect reviews of the new Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon and a special post on Allan Heinberg’s Wonder Woman in the coming days. Not sure when since I have much assignments on my plate right now…but sometime soon…


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