Comic Butt-Shots #2: Black Canary

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t expecting to do any more of these past the first post. Sure it was good fun and all, but I really didn’t want to go trolling for ass-shots in my weekly pull. Still, the people have spoken, and this post has been the most popular one this blog has ever had. So, in order to continue the goodwill, and hopefully gain some regular readers, we return to the feature presentation, Comic Butt-Shots!!

This week was particularly plentiful in it’s bevy of butt-shots, but finding the right one wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be. I had to look, and look, and look until I found the perfect follow-up to last week’s awe-inspiring Tandy post. I think you’ll find that I managed to find something that not only meets all expectations…it quite possibly exceeds them.

P.S. For close-ups of the image in question, click on the preview image.

As I said, I looked in a lot of comics to find the perfect ass for this here post. Because of that, I managed to compile a fairly large list of runners-up as well. Since those would just go to waste in subsequent weeks, I decided to spotlight them all this week leading finally into the culmination of this week’s leading lady.

KarolinaFirst off, Young Avengers/Runaways #3. This book was practically a cornucopia of butt-shots, but two in particular really stood out. First there was Karolina. Our sweet, lesbian, alien princess who managed to convince a skrull to live out his life as a woman to satisfy and please her. There was no way in hell this shot could not recieve some sort of mention. Karolina was being thrown towards the reader by Marvel Boy, and I must say, it makes for a very pleasing aesthetic.

Then there was the villain of the piece; NohNoh-Varr-Varr. We focus on our first(!) male ass. The perspective failed to inspire me so I fail to see the point of the glorification of this particular booty, but artists’ prerogative I guess. And hey, the ladies get their first taste of the comic butt-shots speciality!

Moving on from the wonder that is Young Avengers/Runaways, let’s move on to the second book considered for the honour of providing our leading lady; Teen Titans #39. This book was a serious tease. While the butt-shots were plentiful, they were either a) out of focus, or b) so tiny that you could barely tell one cheek from the next. Still, managed to get two shots that weren’t a total waste.

DonnaFirst we have the woman we all love to hate, Donna Troy. Donna popped up in this issue of Titans during yet another Raven flashback (which one is this, 5th, 6th since this book started?) and was the only ex-titan to show up…with a prominent butt! so I had to put it in here.

RavagerNext we have Ravager. Ol’ Rose managed to appear with her ass in view in a panel that defies description into the reason why exactly this perspective was chosen. I mean, seriously, the perspective made no sense, and was just there. Managed to make for a nice, small backside viewing…but it was just strange.

Black CanaryAnd finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The queen of the week…the mistress of the butt-shot; Black Canary!!! As drawn by Ed Benes, Dinah has always been a sight to behold, but in this issue of Justice League (of America #2) we got a view of Dinah that is rarely seen in such awesome splendor and should be savored in case Benes decides not to give us more glimpses in the future (I certainly hope not).

That’s it for this week. Will be back shortly with some more tv show reviews. Till then…Ass-Man!!


3 responses to “Comic Butt-Shots #2: Black Canary

  1. My first big post was the Green Lantern butt one.

    (BTW, I didn’t get to point it out last week, but there is NO SUCH THING as too many butt-shots of Hal Jordan.)

  2. Heh…guess this proves the old maxim:
    Sex Sells!

    And noted…Hal Jordan’s ass shall now and forevermore always have a place on the butt-shots whenever it shows up.

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