Comic Reviews – Week of September 27th, 2006

A special edition of the reviews this week. I’m later than usual, and quite honestly don’t really have a lot of time, so 3 line reviews!! That’s right, exactly 3 sentences for each issue. Hopefully this won’t turn into an unmitigated disaster.

Blue Beetle #7

We finally learn what happened during Jaimie’s missing year and where he’s been, and I have to say, it was underwhelming. Also, the book’s focus on the tertiary cast for so long had made me totally forget about his family and it was jarring suddenly seeing them back in the book. Good, solid issue, but this book is rapidly heading for cessation of reading.

Eternals #4

This was another enjoyable issue, but it could definitely have been used in place of #3 without anything outwardly being affected. The story finally starts to go somewhere as we discover that the cause of the Eternals’ condition is one of their own, and for reasons that actually make some sort of sense; Cool ending conclusion and the whole thing should be interesting to see to the finish. Awesome art as usual by JRJr.

Supergirl #10

Uptill the final 3 pages when this book devolved into the worst high school cliche movie possible, I was loving this issue. It was possibly the best Supergirl I’ve read that has had this anorexic excuse for Kara in it. Kelly has managed to make the most of the situation and I’m slowly begining to enjoy this book…art wasn’t half bad either.

Action Comics #843

The conclusion of the fill-in arc and the lead-in to the Donner/Johns run. Nice, very effective ending, and I really enjoyed the use of the new Aquaman, although his welcome does make me question why the heroes aren’t concerned about the old Orin. Great artwork and fun storyline, what more could you ask for?

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #10

Quite possibly the best Spider-Man book on the market right now. McKeever managed to infuse each issue with just the right amount of action, emotion and character development to keep me coming back for each issue. And the handy digests make great gifts for bringing manga-only readers to the fold!

True Story, Swear to God #1

Beland is awesome. I still haven’t caught up to this point in the old series, but he effectively recaps everything and puts as right back into the comfort zone with this tale of tale and romance in the modern world. Can’t wait for more issues, definitely one of the best non-mainstream books currently out.

Justice League of America #2

Solid issue again, but nothing seems to happening and the slow burn just to choose the team is begining to get on my nerves. I wish I could find more positives about this, but it really is too slow, and far too…tame…for the Justice League. Not bad, but basically just feels like a rehash of Identity Crisis at this point.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #22

Awesome issue as usual. This is the Supergirl I want running around in the regular DCU and I wish DC would just bring her in already. Kitson’s artwork was missed, but still a great issue in an incredibly consistent good book.

Teen Titans #39

Wherein we learn who the traitor might be, and quite honestly, I’m not particularly surprised. The issue itself was ok if a bit meandering and serving far too much as a “travel” book than actual story. Hopefully once this arc is over we can return to business as usual, which was a lot more fun.

That’s it for now. Have read a couple more, but am waiting to write either indiviual posts on them, or well…just don’t have anything to say. Hopefully the next week will return to being a regular blogging week, but no promises. Still working on the Wonder Woman piece, the Agents of Atlas piece, and far too many reviews cluttering up the drafts to mention. Someday they shall all see the light of day…someday.


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