Who Cares?

And so the prodigal son returns…

I havem’t updated this blog in a while. Some of it was due to my becoming completely and totally immersed in studying for my final exams (if all goes well I shall be graduating in a month :fingers crossed:) but most of it was because I just couldn’t bring myself to feel anymore about comics; not the industry, not the books, not even the characters. It all just seemed so pointless and the books themselves didn’t exactly help. For every single comic I actually like, there are 10 others which make me question my choice of hobbies. I eventually just decided I needed a break. I stopped buying/reading comics. I stopped visiting comic-related sites. I stopped, in other words, being a comic fan.

Sadly, I still feel much the same way. I’ve dropped 50% of my pull-list. I have stopped reading books that make me want to hit the writer or worse, myself. I have in essence stopped caring. And it’s working out for me. I like the reduced pull list. I like the lesser pressure, and I like the lack of wanting to care about what’s going to happen in Wonder Woman next month (or whenever the hell the comic is coming out these days.)

As far as this blog is concerned…I’m shifting gears. Comics will not be talked about here unless absolutely necessary (as in I read something really, really good.) I’ll start focusing more on tv, movies, music and books. I may also start to “cat-blog” every once in a while.  Hopefully this change will help me maintain interest in writing, and eventually, return to my former, comic-obsessed self.


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