T.V. Year-End Review – Pt. 2

Annnd I’m back. A little later than I expected, but still fairly timely for my track record. Anyway, since I want to get to the rest of the year-end posts before January ends, I think I should jump right into the next night on the line-up; Thursday.


What I Started Watching: Six Degrees, Grey’s Anatomy

What I’m Watching Now: My Name Is Earl, Ugly Betty, The O.C., Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy and Men In Trees

Well…how do I explain this one. This is the busiest night of the week for me as far as finding the shows is concerned. I don’t have to tell you that I have to “illegally” download a couple of them just to manage to get around to watching them eventually. Anyway, Six Degrees was actually a fairly decent show and one I do plan on watching again whenever the hell it returns from it’s overextended hiatus, but as of last look it was not on Thursday nights anymore; it was replaced by Men In Trees. Men In Trees used to be on on Fridays but ABC (rightly, I might add) decided that it would do better with the lead-in audience of Grey’s Anatomy than Six Degrees. Don’t know if the ratings agree, but I think they complement each other nicely. Grey’s Anatomy is ofcourse awesome as always. It had a bumpy begining, and took them some time to get out from under the shadow of Denny’s death, but the last couple of episodes before the hiatus were fantastic. Men In Trees continues to improve each week and their focus on the supporting characters is a great touch, and one that I hope they continue to follow-up on.

Scrubs has been kind of…off this year, but it’s still one of the best ensemble comedies on television right now so I have to watch it. Same goes for My Name Is Earl, although it has actually gotten better this season than it’s already excellent season 1(I caught up on season 1 on dvd…can’t believe I wasn’t watching this last year.) Ugly Betty was a surprise. I was expecting to HATE the show. It reeks of stupid chick-flick crap and being based on a telenovela didn’t help it. But apart from the heavy dramedy moments it also has some of the best comedic tics of any tv show I’ve ever seen. The characters of Mark and Amanda are priceless and I find myself watching the show for their antics more than anything else these days. Finally, The O.C. This show was actually a guilty pleasure during the first 1.5 seasons and I tried the first 2 episodes of season 3 before I called it quits. That is until I started reading the rave reviews for this season. And I couldn’t agree more. This season is the best O.C. has been since the great season 1. The characters are all fun to watch again, the storylines are amusing, and Mischa Barton is gone!(she was a weak link…I don’t care if she’s hot, the chick couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag) Giving Autumn Reeser a more prominent role was definitely the right call…she is funny, sweet, and an incredibly good actress who I actually root for. Willa Holland as Kaitlin is also far superior in the “Marissa” role than Mischa Barton ever was, and I love the Julie-Kaitlin moments more and more. Sadly, this show will be ending soon, but atleast it’s ending on a high…and I don’t think any show can ask for more. Whew…that was a lot longer than I expected it to be. Moving on to Friday…


What I Started Watching: Men In Trees, and Battlestar Galactica

What I’m Watching Now: Nothing! They’ve all moved on to other nights. Men In Trees to Thursdays and Battlestar to Sundays.


Never seen any show on Saturday…I have to have some time for a pitiful social life don’t I?

And that’s it for the year-end t.v. round-up. I have actually started watching the dvds of seasons of other tv shows and will get to them soon (some are keepers like Bones…others like Numb3rs…not so much.) Next time though I return to my roots with a look at the comics I’m still reading, and all the crap I’ve had to drop in the last year…all the crap that I care to write about anyway.


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