Could Watchmen Have Better?

I was reading through “Comics Should Be Good” and this week’s question about Curious Cat really stood out to me. Here’s the question in it’s original context: Curious Cat. I posted a comment about my feelings on the matter, but that got me thinking about it. Would Watchmen have been just as good if it had contained the original Charlton characters? The more I think about it the more convinced I become that it not only would’ve been just as good…it would’ve been better. Mind you, this is coming purely from a continuity-junkie fanboy, but hear me out before you reach your own conclusions.

Now, for my purposes I am going to say that DC Editorial would not have interfered with Moore’s vision in any way (in actuality the reality of that statement is suspect…to say the least) and therefore the end result would have been very similar to the version we have now. Taking that into consideration, having a storyline as revolutionary as Watchmen using characters that people were growing up with at the time would have been mind-blowing. It would have been Kingdom Come before there ever was a Kingdom Come. Just imagine, Blue Beetle working with the Question.

It would’ve been incredible. I’m going to elaborate on an example I gave in my reply; that of Golden Age. Golden Age was an incredible story by James Robinson that was at one time supposed to be in continuity as DC really had no clue about what to do with the Golden Agers that were lying around in Limbo. It would’ve acted as a last hurrah for the heroes and served to provide a stupendous entry point for the silver age.  I initially read Golden Age at a friend’s and did not notice the Elseworlds logo on the front of the trade. My little mind was blown away by the possibilities of the reality of the heroes. The story was so raw, so visceral, it just took a hold of me and I couldn’t think of anything else for days after. I of course went out and bought a copy of the trade for myself. It was at that time that I discovered the story was an Elseworlds. I still loved it; you don’t just stop loving a tale as moving as that based on it’s presence in continuity, but it never had the sae impact for me again. Knowing that this was all not having any affect on the heroes, knowing that Alan Scott didn’t in fact swoop in at the end, it just left a bitter taste in my mouth and I couldn’t enjoy the story at the same level anymore.

So, that’s my opinion. I think Watchmen would’ve been great if not better with the Charlton heroes…what do you think?


One response to “Could Watchmen Have Better?

  1. i don’t think so i think they add something cartoony about the story and it would not be as grim or gritty. i don’t think if he did use them that way i would accept it at all

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