New format, new rules

I was planning on starting this on March 1st (just a nice little starting point, you know?) but what with work and moving (yep, I have moved to a MUCH larger place that has ample room for all my books, dvds, comics and other geektronica) I just couldn’t manage it. Finally found some free time at work today so figured I should start.

Start what you might ask…Why start the one post a day for a month challenge! Well, technically it’s not a real challenge, but Mike Sterling from Progressive Ruin said in a recent post that a blogger should try, at the least try!!, to write on his/her blog everyday for a couple of weeks just to see if they could hack it. He said it wasn’t for everyone and I agree, but I want to try it…atleast for a month on a trial basis. If this works…and I’m able to put something out everyday for the next month…we’ll see where I go from there. All I can say is that I’m devoted to this and really, really want to succeed. Barring any unforeseen development, I think I should be able to manage. But… 

Here comes the new rules part: I don’t really have time to read as many comics or watch as much tv as I did before because of work. I am however listening to a godawful amount of music these days. So, expect music reviews (I added a couple of older posts that I’ll probably be basing this on if anyone’s interested) and of course the usual comic/book/tv/anime reviews whenever I watch or read something new. I am currently organising my entire comic/book collection and am picking out several things to read during free time so expect me to focus on much older material soon. Hopefully will find time to read the weekly pamphlets as well since…where would the comic industry be without them?

I think that covers it for now. This was a particularly rambling piece and I hope nobody is scared off by it. Expect more coherence from tomorrow…I swear!

Oh…I won’t be previewing any posts anymore since I’ve become notorious (in my own mind…) for not fulfilling promises. I’ll just do things on the fly and even pre-planned posts will not be announced until they are finished (kind of like how some comics should be solicited…) So…come back tomorrow for something on something. Hope to see you back.


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