End of an Era?

Runaways #24I finally got done reading Runaways #24.


Spoilers Under the Cut

I could never, ever imagine this book without Brian K Vaughn. I mean seriously, these kids were his babies!! But if he had to go…damn, he went out in style. I don’t plan on reviewing this issue since I’m way too biased right now. But I will examine some of the more interesting plot points and we’ll see what they revealed…

Firstly, that last page…DAMN!!! It was like bringing the book full-circle (anyone remember the whole Alex playing video games sequence from Runaways v1 #1?) I loved how it ended on Alex attempting redemption through Molly. I loved even more that he did not get that redemption. The book would have fallen apart if Alex had even a little hope of escape from ‘hell.’ Also, how awesome was that hell? I don’t know if it was Alphona or BKV’s decision but having hell as this white, empty space was genius. Artists always try to show the horror of hell and you can’t really achieve that in an all-ages book. It just looks flat and boring. With that depiction of hell we are left to assume and imagine what hell is really like…and as every good writer knows (learn something Geoff Johns…) the images in your imagination are always worse than the images shown on paper. Also, before I forget…Alex can return…

Nico’s last line: “We’ll rip his heart out.” AWESOME! Nico has really grown on me during the second run of the book. My favorite will always be Molly ofcourse…but Nico is definitely getting up there. I love how she is unflinching in her protection of the group. She has become the leader Alex wishes he could have been. And, something I hope other writers pick up on, she has become the group’s ‘mother.’

Finally, Molly and Xavin. I admit…I don’t particularly like Xavin. The character feels shoe-horned in and hasn’t really brought anything to the book…or so I thought. BKV proved me wrong this issue though. Xavin is a truly selfless, completely good person. Molly is the first one, in all her innocence, to really appreciate the fact and understand how Xavin is just as much a part of the family as the rest of the Runaways.

I’m already missing the book and it’s barely even left my hands. Joss Whedon has really big shoes to fill and I don’t think he has what it takes. His writing on Fray was awesome but that was his creation. His writing on Astonishing X-men however has been a bunch of moments existing together in the attempt to form a story…but never quite getting there. I hope he maintains the book’s excellence…but I’m not too sure he can.

Whoo…two days in a row…

I’m jinxing this aren’t I?   


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