This Music Rocks #1: 30 Seconds to Mars

I doubt many people have even heard of 30 Seconds to Mars. And of those who have heard of them I’m pretty sure it’s more set as Jared Leto’s band in their heads more than their actual musical contribution. I won’t lie…when I first heard about this I was reminded of Dog-Star. I mean seriously…that band was horrible. But I consider myself fairly open-minded when it comes to music and love to try new bands (for me) whenever I get the chance. So I got the first self-titled album.

Not bad all told. The music was your typical angsty rock that is in vogue right now but it seemed to have passion behind it. The band members seemed to really care about what they were doing and that is a pretty big rarity in the music scene right now. (I’m sorry, but after I was incredibly disappointed by Audioslave’s lackluster effort in Revelations I just find most bands seem to be coasting along these days…very little in the way of innovation or excitement such as it were.)

So anyway…I liked the album enough that I went out and got the second album too. And it was excellent. The band obviously used the time in-between albums to hone their craft. The lead singer (Is Leto the lead singer or the bassist? I’m curious to know if anyone can tell me…haven’t seen any music videos of the band yet so not sure…) managed to get vocal lessons apparently since there’s far less screaming in this one and it holds up very well to repeated listenings. Plus, while the angsty rock roots are intact, the band seems to have developed their own sound. They are far more smoother and even have some similarities to…I guess…Nickelback. They do appear to more raw and a lot more powerful than Nickelback but the similarities are present.

So where was I going with that ramble-fest? I just wanted to let people know more about bands that don’t necessarily get a lot of radio playback/music channel play. I plan on making this a semi-regular feature to be pulled out whenever I’m incredibly bored or really can’t talk about anything else. (I wanted to do a post on Gaiman’s Coraline but I’m still formulating some thoughts on that so it’ll have to wait for a while…and no I’m not promising when it’ll come out.)

Either way check out 30 Seconds to Mars. Trust me…good band and definitely worth atleast one listen. Let me know what you think in the comments. It would be nice to know if my music tastes are going to pot.


3 responses to “This Music Rocks #1: 30 Seconds to Mars

  1. Jared is the lead singer. They are a great band and put on a great concert. Just saw them for the 3rd time this weekend. His older brother Shannon is the drummer and back up singer. I am glad you finally heard them, they do not get played on the radio much. So you either here them on XM or MTV. Their bassist Matt just quit after 5 years.

  2. Cool, thanks. Always nice to learn a bit about the background of the bands I listen to. Jared is a great singer btw…the teen girls attempting for singing/acting deals could learn some things from him.

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