The Final(?) Goodbye

Cap #25So…it finally happened. I was actually expecting this in Civil War #7 so I wasn’t all that shocked. (And the spoiler news posts didn’t exactly help). But did it work? Was it nothing but a waste of paper along the lines of Civil War: The Return…or was it the usual goodness that Ed Brubaker is so famous for? Answers, comments and thoughts after the spoiler cut.

Massive Spoilers Within!

The issue was great…as usual. I have to commend Brubaker for actually making this seem like a natural extension of his ongoing story while working entirely within the confines of the Civil War crossover. The death felt final, and the method of presenting the story through the eyes of Cap’s closest friends (Sharon, Bucky, and Falcon) was inspired and really made me feel for the loss (albiet temporary…) of Cap. What was really funny though was how much I felt for Sharon at the end of the issue. I’ve been reading this series since the first issue so I have developed a fondness for the character that I really didn’t have before. And the horror on her face (GREAT expressions by Steve Epting) when she realizes what she was one of the saddest sights I’ve ever seen.

Now…let’s face it…the death is not permanent. Cap’ll be back sooner or later. If the storyline is successful he might be gone for a little longer…and if the readers jump ship he’ll be back before he’s even truly gone. But I’m betting the readers will stick around. Brubaker has managed to structure the book so that the supporting cast can easily handle being the headliners of the book for 1-2 years without feeling the need for Steve Rogers return. Because make no mistake…Cap will be back within 4-5 months…Steve Rogers’ return is something else entirely. I’m with the storyline for the long haul though. As long as Brubaker is writing the book I don’t ever expect it to suck. Now, as far as the “death” crossover is concerned, I’m not too sure about it. I don’t particularly care about Jeph Loeb to be perfectly frank. I will read it…I have to (the completist in me demands it!) but I don’t think I’ll like it much. Atleast I won’t be buying it though 🙂

Now, theories about how they might bring him back. (I just wanna get the ideas out there before everyone else does so I can say I thought of them first…I’m quite petty that way) My favorite theory is the cosmic cube. Brubaker established it as a very powerful tool just a little while back and it can easily return. Then, using a drop of the Skull’s blood (who is Cap cloned..or was…) you can re-clone Cap and imprint all his own memories back into him. Another theory I have is that it was a super-new LMD. One that can bleed and everything. And the real Cap is in the Negative Zone…put there by Tony (I am EVIL!!) Stark. It should be fun to see if any of those theories holds up…if it doesn’t meh…the fun is in thinking them up…not in actually having them come true.


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