Comic Butt-Shots #3: Spider-Woman

I was a bit hesitant about returning to the Butt-Shots. Not because it’s sexist, exposes some the reasons why women probably don’t bother reading comics, and pokes fun at the artists. No, I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure if there would be enough material to fill a post this past week. I haven’t really been reading all that many comics regularly lately and the ones I have been reading have been pretty demure. Then I noticed this week’s comic list. A book by Ed Benes (Justice League of America) the guy who gave us the awesome Black Canary butt-shot a couple months back AND a book by Frank Cho, booby and butt enthusiast. It was then I knew that it was fate…and I would find many, many shots to fill many columns with if I wished. What I didn’t expect was the surprise Butt-Shot that won this week’s stand-off. The title gives away who it is…but for those of you who haven’t seen it…Boy, are you in for a treat (shock? awe? disgust?) So, without anymore  rambling, let’s begin with our second runner-up, Black Widow…as drawn by Frank Cho!

Oh…and as always…making with the clickey gives you zooming!!

Ok, I know Cho has a certain…reputation…to maintain. But good perspective and actual use of anatomy books is no substitute for sensational butt-shots! This panel from Mighty Avengers #1, has Black Widow apparently swooping over a whole bunch of monsters as she throws bombs on them. Now firstly…Black Widow doesn’t swoop. Ever. She leaps…maybe jumps…she could be carried by a flyer. But no…that wouldn’t give us the ass now would it? It’s an awesome action sequence…but I thought this was kinda bordering on impossible anatomy. If anyone would care to correct me, I’m happy to listen. Good ass shot…but bad perspective.

Now we come to our first runner-up. I have to cheat on this a little bit because this issue (Justice League #6) had so much ass I had more than a little trouble deciding what to put in here. And much like the Black Widow piece above…the perspective does not call for ass-shots more than half the time. They’re just there as eye-candy! Let’s first start off with the Wonder Booty. We have a whole group of people here. I mean a whole bunch of people!! But Wonder Woman is the only who ass we clearly see. Well…you can kinda see Black Canary’s too, but I wanted to give her a break. Seriously…did we really need this perspective? It’s an excellent shot…and despite his cheesecake tendencies, Benes is a pretty damned good artist…but he seriously pushes for sexism. Hell…I’ll always remember him as the guy who ‘grew’ Linda Danvers up. If I remember correctly, she actually went up two or three cup sizes during the issues he drew versus the issues Leonard Kirk drew. And that says it all I think…

But not really…see this issue had a lot! A LOT! of Vixen ass. The first picture here can be forgiven because while there are other ways to express flight, the perspective makes sense. I can see us watching Vixen with a pan-down shot and it is perfectly all right. But the second picture. Come on! Amazo and Vixen are in the exact same positions. But do we get Amazo-android ass? No! Where are you equal opportunity females?? Demand equal rights for androids and females!! Benes has definitely joined that special cadre of artist that becomes synonymous with cheesecake at this point. You know the people I’m talking about; Adam Hughes, Terry Dodson, Art Adams (to a great extent) and of course, our old favourite, Steve McNiven…whose Dagger shots are still some of the finest butt-shots I’ve ever seen. But that’s enough for the runner-ups.

We have finally reached this week’s winner. But…I cheated a bit here too. See, the comic in question is Civil War: The Initiative. The new material that I’m using for this fine, fine cataloguing of ass-ness, was drawn by Marc Silvestri. Now, I was never a big fan of Silvestri’s. He was too…Image…for my tastes. But apparently he has decided to take his art to new heights…New cheesecake heights anyway! Here’s Silvestri’s take on Carol Danvers…or her behind at least.

The reason this panel seems so wrong is that this type of shot is usually used when we don’t know who the character is that’s standing in front of the focal character (in this case…Spider-Woman) But the panel before this one had Danvers clearly pummelling the Grey Gargoyle. So why the ass-shot? Dunno…but I will say that it’s a nice ass-shot. Of course…it doesn’t even come close the magnificance that is…Spider-Woman Booty!!!

Apparently, in Silvestri’s world…that is how to kick effectively. How the poor woman doesn’t dislocate her pelvis is beyond me. There were also a couple more…interesting…shots in the Carol-Jessica sequence, but my eyes felt like they may fall out of my head if I stared at any of them for too long. But trust me…the winner if definitely this image with Spider-Woman doing…something…to kick the Grey Gargoyle in the head…without hurting herself in the process…

Damn…that sounded bitter. Well…too much ass can do that to you. As always…this is only a semi-recurring feature so don’t expect it every week…Just in weeks where the ass/booty/junk in trunk is plentiful and beautiful. Hope everyone enjoyed this trip into comics’ pervier side…and I hope you’ll join me as I try to redeem myself with more…Mom-friendly…posts…for the rest of the week.


8 responses to “Comic Butt-Shots #3: Spider-Woman

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  2. Goddamn Zeb.. hmmm.. i think i’ll call you that from now on.. interesting… very interesting.. *scratches badly butchered, trimmed-in-the-semi-darkness-of-a-Kuala-Lumpur-morning beard* *as always, walks away…*

  3. Yeh i noticed the Vixen-Amazo thing as well.
    But y’kno, cant complain, if the Ass-tists are givin’ why not take.
    Benes really is milkin the booty thing, but in an interview he said he enjoyed drawin in that style so i guess you gotta luv his work – true to his word.

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