I Got New Trades!!!

It’s that time of the year again. I just got the first of an expected three-part pile of comics. This one is heavily Buffy skewed so I doubt anyone not interested in Buffy to a certain level will give a damn. But the good news is that I have loads of new stuff to review. In the first batch here, I have 6 Buffy trades, 1 Blade trade, and 1 SLG (X-Ray Comics) trade. My reading time is limited otherwise it’s a pretty safe bet that I would’ve read through all of them already. Anyway…the point is that I will review the trades as I read them. With Buffy, I also plan on reflecting on the comics’ role in the tv show continuity. This will either drive me insane or will help me appreciate the Buffy-verse more. We shall see. So…without further delay, let’s start with the first trade I read, Bad Blood.

 This trade takes place during the first year of the Buffy comic’s publication. Way back then, Andi Watson was writing the series and Joe Bennett was drawing it. Now, Andi Watson is awesome…seriously. I adored his work on Skeleton Key and Love Fights  was my favourite comic for a long, long time (It was replaced by Pride of Baghdad…but that’s another post entirely) It was interesting to see Watson’s very early work on display here. He managed to capture the character’s voices very effectively. It actually read like it was adapted from a show script. Joe Bennett is also pretty ok. I have not seen very convincing depictions of any of the actors in any comic yet…but he does manage to capture Oz and Buffy pretty well…and there are moments where Xander is almost spot-on.

There was one problem with the artwork though. After the first two issues (9-10) the art seemed to suddenly change for #11. I’m not sure if it was a different artist though. In places the artwork looked completely different while in others it looked exactly the same…in the same panel!! But the credits didn’t list any other artist so I have no clue what the hell was going on there. Otherwise…very nice.

The true gem of this trade was the Christopher Golden penned short, Hello Moon. It gave a sense of closure to the arc which otherwise ended on a cliffhanger with Selke (Watson’s villain) apparently becoming re-energized and preparing to take her revenge. I really enjoyed the fish-guy monster not being evil thing that is a huge staple of the tv show but is not used that often in the Buffy comics.

Now…as for continuity. The trade mentions that this arc takes place during Buffy’s season 3. From the fact that Faith is missing…and Buffy is already dating Angel again…I would have to guess that this takes place in the latter half of the season. Since the mayor isn’t mentioned…and Cordelia and Xander are still dating…it has to be before Lover’s Walk. This is a complication. So…let’s assume that Faith is missing…as she was for much of the early season when she disappeared on her own. Buffy and Angel started dating again around…Revelations I guess (very loosely…since they kissed in it). So…based on that…this entire arc would have to take place between those two episodes to fit into Buffy continuity. Am I right? Damned if I know. But it makes some sort of loopy sense, right?

Now…a pet peeve that I forgot to mention previously…why the hell are the vampires in the comics multi-coloured? I mean they are normal colours in the tv show…but in the comic they come in all the colours of the rainbow. Why??! Just something that really bothers me for no real discernable reason.

And that brings to an end the first review of the first trade I managed to make my way through. Let’s see when the next trade review shows up. Btw…it’s been over a week of straight blogging every day. I’m actually quite proud of myself.


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