Grey’s Anatomy has finally “jumped the shark”

I know, I know…the phrase “jumped the shark” has jumped the shark and should not ever be used. But I honestly don’t know how to express my horror at the developments that occurred in last week’s Grey’s Anatomy. Yeah…you all know what I’m talking about…the introduction of a British doctor!!

I was…of course…kidding. The real problem in last week’s episode was by far the horrible, horrible, cliched Izzie/George hook-up. I mean, seriously…what the hell was Shonda Rhimes thinking? Those two are like brother and sister!! I know George used to have those huge-ass fantasies way back when, but I thought we had moved past that. Plus…what is it with this show and adultery? First (in chronological order) Chief and Mere’s mom (her name totally escapes me…yeah, her death had a *huge* impact on me, Addison and Mark and finally McDreamy and Meredith with George and Izzie joining the Polyamorous Club last night. Hell…as hard as it is for me to believe, Alex is the most stable and professional of all the characters now. I guess there’s some good to having no storylines on the show.

Seriously…give me back my good Grey’s. It’s been enough already. I appreciate how this show didn’t go through the “second year” slump till the “third year” and I actually, truth be told, enjoyed the rest of the episode. Meredith having dinner with her ‘new’ family was nice and Callie’s rich past being revealed was nice. I just want the characters to act according to what has been established. Now that Izzie and George have slept together, you just know that their friendship is gone for atleast the rest of the season. And if they start dating…augh!! Plus…the show apparently has a huge problem with getting rid of regular cast so I can imagine Callie being the next Alex if that ever happens…or she’ll become a mega-bitch. Either way…ugh! The only good thing to come out of this? I’ve been looking for shows to drop next season since I’m too bogged down with work to maintain my viewing habits…and this show is easily at the top of that pile now. Do it Shonda…make me cut another hour from my time.

And on that note…sorry I haven’t done the Butt-shots post yet…but it keeps getting sidelined. Don’t worry…it’s still coming. I just need some more time. Maybe I’ll combine it with this week or something. We’ll see. Expect another Buffy review and maybe some other shit in the coming days. Also…maybe a return to semi-regular tv reviews.


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