Soundtrack of our lives

Ever feel like you were living in a Zach Braff movie?

You know what I mean. You’re dealing with some heavy issues…maybe a little depressed…and then you hear this gloriously emo song and it just makes you even more depressed, but in a good way. So you just roll with the punches and the next day it’s like nothing happened. Well…I went through something like that recently. The reasons aren’t really important (they never are in retrospect, are they?) but it did make me think about music and its impact on our lives. See, I’m not a musician, but I like a lot of different kinds of music. I like songs that cover pretty much every genre from alternative to techno to country to r&b. And I feel comfortable being into that much music. But the thing is…with that much music listening comes the inevitable point where you tend to compare moments in your life to song lyrics or music chords. This happens to me way to often to be ignored. And well…I want to share it.

So, the point of this post (finally!) I shall now be providing a list of songs (or just one song…sometimes just one is enough) with every single post I write. This song will cover what I’m going through or have gone through that day. There will probably be a lot of repeats because I live a life of tedium and half the time I live in this perpetual state of deja vu. But, hopefully it’ll be fun…for the readers as well as for me.

Also, something that just occurred to me…I want to do a chronological soundtrack of my life. That is so emo of me it isn’t even funny…but it sounds like an interesting challenge…finding music that fits all the major points of my life. So…when I find the time (so…not anytime soon is my bet) I shall start to post a soundtrack of my life for every year I’ve been alive. That’ll be from birth till now (whatever ‘now’ will be once I get there.) Again…this is just for fun…so should be interesting to see what I come up with.

Now that my obligatory ‘cat-blog’ post is done…I am planning posts on the much-awaited butt-shots #4, another buffy trade, and skins (this british tv show that I want everyone to know about). Until then…

TRACK OF THE MOMENT: Annihilation by The Perfect Circle.


2 responses to “Soundtrack of our lives

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  2. I can’t believe i’m best friends with someone who thinks the band’s called THE Perfect Circle… I’ll be right back, just gotta shoot a few rounds of 8mms into my brains.. =P

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