Skins Season Finale

Whoa…just whoa…

Massive Spoilers Ahead!

I cannot believe the ending. Although I have to say…I’m really hoping Tony is dead. The coma storyline sucks…and I don’t want to see a rehab story either. If he’s dead, the remaining characters can be taken in a far more interesting direction. Michelle would have to deal with Cassie-level depression. Sid might even feel guilty that he was concerned about Cassie when his friend was dying a couple of blocks away. Effy can actually become a viable character in the show this way. Everyone else would be affected as well…but to a far less intensive degree. Either way…it would move the show forward in a very effective manner.

Second, the ‘music video.’ I liked it. I was surprised to learn that apparently the actors themselves were singing…nice voice on Mike Bailey there. Would not have expected him to be such a good singer. Also…it had a nice Stigmata type thing going for it that just felt…right.

The resolution of the Maxxie-Anwar storyline was good. I was expecting them to go in a stereotypical direction with Anwar’s father hating Maxxie from then on or something. I was fairly pleased with the far more realistic and…enjoyable…conclusion they presented. Giving Anwar a girlfriend was weird though. Definitely very weird.

The Angie-Chris situation was cool I have to say. Again, I was expecting a stereotypical teacher regrets her actions and repents storyline. But Chris apparently really loves her. This could make for a very interesting second season. Although does anyone know if it’s legal for teachers to sleep with ‘legal’ students in England? Because otherwise Angie may be facing the chopping block…and well…I hate that storyline.

One minor nit-pick. Why the hell was this episode titled Abigail? She wasn’t even in this. Was it a red herring? Hell, I think the name should’ve been ‘Everyone’. Anyway…just a minor weird plot-point.

The end with Cassie and Sid though? Priceless.


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