Battlestar Galactica: Crossroads (Season 3 Finale)

I didn’t want to do this earlier because I don’t want to put this under a cut. And well…if you still don’t know about the ending then screw it. I want to put this on the main page…spoilers be damned.

First off, interesting bit with the Cylon-reveal. I’m not sure I agree with Tory suddenly being a Cylon. Granted we should get more ‘new’ Cylons who we are not so vested in and who we need to learn more about. But Tory is such a cypher right now that I have no clue how she might be handling this whole situation. Anders I totally understand. He survived New Caprica when almost everyone else died…and obviously the radiation never really affected him (which screams Cylon! hell, I was sure he was a Cylon way back when but reversed that decision based on his actions as part of the resistance) But having him be one of the final five…a Cylon who is unaware of its true nature…makes the whole situation far more interesting and worthy, in my opinion.

Tigh…I’m very very happy about this. I always thought that the most interesting story point would be if Tigh were revealed to be a Cylon. He’s the one who has the most ties to Adama, Starbuck and hell, most of the entire crew of Galactica. Of course this also raises some interesting points; apparently (based on all we know) Tigh has been with Adama for 20+ years. If that timeline is to be believed…either Tigh the human died during the first Cylon wars and was converted to a Cylon…or the Cylons’ tech is far more superior than we have been led to believed. Tigh being a Cylon opens up more storytelling potential than any other character in the entire series (except maybe Lee…who would’ve really upped the danger level if he had turned out as one).

Chief…so apparently there are two cylon-human hybrids? I mean Tyrol and Callie’s kid is a hybrid now, right? That means that the Cylons have more than a single baby obsession. This could be potentially interesting from Callie’s perspective. She HATES the Cylons (as has been driven into our heads repeatedly since the begining of the season) and knowing that she married one makes things very interesting.

Roslyn and Baltar: I’m intrigued by her cancer returning. If that is true (which I’m not 100% on btw) then shouldn’t it be treatable with conventional medicine now? The problem initially was that the cancer was too far advanced. Now it’s just returning…so shouldn’t standard chemo or any medicines Cottol may have lying around…take care of the problem? As for Baltar…uh, the whole messiah thing came out of nowhere didn’t it? I want to see more of the origin of the movement before I start spouting on the excellence of the character potential in that move. I do really like where this could go…but I have to know how it started before I even consider that.

Finally…Starbuck. Wha–? I can guarantee at this point that she’s not a Cylon. It makes no sense in light of everything that has happened. But how the hell did she recover a ship, manage to get to Earth and who knows what else from a cosmic storm??! The whole return business raises more questions than it answers, dammit!

Of course the worst part? No new Battlestar till 2008!!! The movie’s good and all…but I want more in Fall of this year dammit!!


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