Wherein I ramble…

Sorry for disappearing off the face of the blogosphere but my new job timings have been insane. I don’t have nearly the amount of time required to blog regularly and I barely have time to do stuff I can blog about. Anyhoo…I’ve been meaning to comment on the difficulty inherent in comic organising. Yeah, yeah…I can see most of you yawning already, but it’s been really bothering me since I recently had to move my comics to a separate shelf-system to keep them clean from dust (I live in Pakistan…very few places there is no dust…we focus on minimising…not eradicating) So, I’ve been wondering…how do you guys organise the ‘minor’ parts of your collections? I mean I store the major portions of my collection (spider-man, x-men, thor, captain america and superman) in separate piles/longboxes of their own…because they can support that. But I only have about 3 issues of the ’80s Blue Beetle series and I think 1 issue of Hawkworld. So where would I put those? It’s been bothering me for two days and has left my new (vastly improved and bigger) room completely cluttered with these misc comics as I try to find places for them. I mean, I want to know where they are so they can’t be arbitrarily placed anywhere…yet at the same time I want to have them placed in positions where they won’t take up one longbox for 1 issue. Help Me!!

Also on the life front, I was watching Lost the other day (Juliet=most awesome character ever!) and I started thinking about the food situation. Now, apparently food gets delivered by Dharma every couple of months and they have loads of fruit and apparently an inexhaustible supple of Boars…but couldn’t the Others starve the Losties off the beach? They have (I think) superior numbers…and I’m sure they could intercept the Dharma offerings…and kill off the fruit trees and the boars. So…why don’t they do it? The pregnancy thing (as far as they’re concerned) was probably resolved by Claire and they don’t know that Sun’s pregnant yet…so why are the keeping the ‘evil’ people around anyway? It’s pretty confusing and is really, really making me look forward to next week’s episode when (in Lost time) the fight between the two groups should take place on some level.

Continuing the theme, I was reading the He-Man Movie comic adaptation today (yeah, I got it in a three-pack I bought for a Rom issue…) and it was the most godawful writing I’ve ever seen. Now presumably the comic is based off the movie and I haven’t really seen the movie (and after reading the comic, don’t really want to) so anyone who has both read the comic and watched the movie know how faithful the comic was? Or hell, how stupid the actual movie was? It was truly mind-numbingly awful.

Finally, I’m trying to start a regular blogging thing again…not guaranteeing anything but I want to try to actually complete the 30 days=30 posts thing that I tried to accomplish but couldn’t complete in the final 3 days (damn April Fool’s Day!!) But anyway…will probably be reviewing Drive soon and maybe the No Man’s Land novelisation by Greg Rucka (short review: Much better than the comic) 


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