American Idol: All Encompassing Review

I don’t like to talk about American Idol on this blog because I just discuss the thing on Augie De Blieck’s blog: Various and Sundry in the comments on a regular basis. But, since I only do short comment style posts there…I wanted to examine this year’s AI in more detail as well…and how better to do that than through my own blog.

First my current favourite that I don’t expect to win (this becomes much easier when there are only 3 people left) Blake Lewis. I like Blake. He’s fun, energetic and brings something new to a show that had gotten fairly stale after 6 seasons of overly poppy singers. His beatboxing is a welcome relief in a season that has been dominated by Divas, nasally-singing and whatever the hell Phil and Haley were. (He Who Must Not Be Named doesn’t count…plus I refuse to accept that he even existed much less acknowledge his “contribution” to this show) Admittedly, it took some time for his brand of music to grow on me. But, I guess around the time of the JLo week…I think he was singing that Marc Anthony song…I really started to appreciated the guy’s voice and style. He is truly talented at composing and mixing…much moreso than he is at singing. I figure if all else fails after this show, he can easily become the new Timbaland. Plus, that Bon Jovi number…insane!

Moving on to the person I expect to win, Jordin. Jordin is a great singer. She has the power to rival the much more experienced divas and has the all-important youth factor going for her that I personally believe will get her an awesome amount of votes. As long as she stays away from the rock songs, I have no doubt she will do very well after this show. I don’t really have much to say about her because everything I could say has probably already been said.

Finally, as far as the top 3 are concerned, Melinda. What need be said about the most professional, most focused and by far the most polished singer Idol has ever seen? She is criticism proof, because not only does she always pick the right song, but she sings it…she doesn’t shout like a lot of other high-power female singers do…she actually sings…and sings incredibly well. Melinda is someone I root for based on her background (as a backup singer…nothing is worse than being invisible) but I don’t think I would really get her album. She’s a great singer, but her brand of music doesn’t really do anything for me. Jordin is the same, but the younger-skewing music might give her a shot. Blake is the most marketable of the three, let’s face it. Whether he can build on that is something else entirely though.

Now for the bygones: Chris was decent. I think the nasally voice worked heavily against him and the fact that he looks like Justin Timberlake did not do him any favours on that stage (well…I’m sure it got him the girl vote, but otherwise it didn’t really help that people were subconciously comparing him to Timberlake) He did have a couple of very good performances and although I don’t really have any intention of looking up his solo album whenever it comes out, it should be interesting to see if he sticks with the nasally thing.

Next, Phil or as he is better known; The Lord of the Undead. Phil’s biggest problem was of course that he developed far too late into the show. He was ok, but nothing special until Country week when we [the audience] finally realized that “Damn! That guy can sing!” and it was too little too late. By that point in time most people had already decided on their favourites and if there’s one thing AI teaches us, its that favourites count a lot more than actual week-to-week performances.

Haley and Chris S were ill-suited for the show. Haley just didn’t have the voice for the competition and I think she knew it. She overcompensated with the short clothes and trying to look sexy (She did succeed on that second count most of the time) and I think what killed her AI career was the fact that a lot of women started to resent her. I saw more than one comment about her being a “whore” because of the clothing and makeup, which I thought was a little unfair since she was just trying her best to stand out in a group that really overshadowed her. Chris S didn’t want to be there, period. I don’t think he was prepared for the grind that AI requires and you could tell he didn’t really care to be here. I hope he has a career beyond this, but his unprofessionalism does make one not give a damn about him.

Now for the obligatory conspiracy theory that all AI blogs should trot out every once in a while: Blake has been repeatedly in the bottom 3, right? And we all know that a B3 position boosts your next week’s rating because your fans are concerned about you? Well, this past week, dialidol (which I trust more than Seacrest) had Blake in a very comfortable lead over the Divas. And yet he was still presented in the B2. I think that is part of the show’s creators sneaky way of keeping Blake on the show longer…maybe trying to manipulate a Jordin/Blake finale even? Eh…who really knows…I am of course talking out of my ass. Still…can’t wait to see the remaining 2 weeks. Hard to believe the show is almost over for this year.


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