NBC Upfronts 2007

It’s that time of the year again, when we find out whether our favourite tv shows are going to get another run for the next year, or whether they are going to disappear into the ether and be relegated to DVD-land. As is evident from sporadic posts on TV watching, I tend to have a lot at stake during this week. I find out which tv shows I shall never to hearing from again (no matter how good!) and which tv shows I may be checking out come this fall. So…I figured since I’m spending so much time looking for news on the Upfronts anyway, I may as well turn it into a post(s). Yep…I shall be running through all the TV shows that got cancelled, all the ones that got picked up, and all the ones I wish were in the category they aren’t in. So, without further ado…let’s start off with NBC Upfronts 2007!!

First off, the cancellations: Unfortunately Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is gone. I know a lot of people will be ecstatic about this, but it was a show that was just begining to find its footing when it was yanked off the air by the capricious powers-that-be. I’m sure it didn’t help that the show cost huge assloads of money to make and just wasn’t returning enought of a profit (It had solid ratings of 8 million viewers a week…but I guess that just isn’t enough anymore). Also leaving us are Crossing Jordan, The Black Donnellys, Kidnapped, Raines, Andy Barker P.I., and a whole slew of reality tv shows that I don’t watch so I have nothing to say about them.

Now, the shows that will be around next year: Friday Night Lights is still around, but it’s in a new time slot of Fridays at 10…a time and night when all the people who would watch it are probably out watching “real” friday night lights or, y’know…having a life. I think this is NBC giving the kiss of death to a show that has slowly become one of my favourite teen dramedies on tv. Hopefully, I’m wrong…but I don’t expect FNL to even make it past the first 13 eps before we get the cancellation notice. The Office, which I just started watching, is also returning and once I catch up to season 4, I should be very happy about this…nice remake of the British classic. Heroes is of course returning…I’m interested in seeing if the show can maintain the momentum it created this year. Quite frankly, I’ve found more and more people deciding  to wait “for the trade” or in this case, the DVD for this show and based solely on the comic market, I can see that trend really cutting into ratings. My Name is Earl, and Scrubs (with a reduced 18 episode season) are also returning and are two of favourite ‘sitcoms’ so I’m happy. Finally, Law & Order, Law & Order: CI, Law & Order: SVU, Deal or No Deal, 30 Rock, ER, The Biggest Loser, Las Vegas, 1 vs. 100, Dateline, Football Night In America, Medium, and Saturday Night Live, are also all returning, but since I don’t watch any of them I have no clue whether that’s good or bad news.

Now, the new shows: The Bionic Woman, is one I’m interested in only because I want to see if lightning strikes twice and the people behind the GREAT Battlestar Galactica remake can also update this show to make it more relevant and fun in today’s world. The IT Crowd, I don’t really know about, but I’ve heard good things about the British version so I guess I’ll check it out atleast. Chuck, I wanna see…but I don’t expect it to last very long. It’s about this guy who manages to download the entire CIA database into his head. It’s by Schwartz, who created O.C, so I’m definitely gonna give it a chance…but not till atleast 3-4 episodes have aired. Journeyman, is basically Quantum Leap with a twist…the guy’s dead wife is also travelling through time and will presumably be popping up every once in a while. I LOVED Quantum Leap as a kid, so I’m definitely gonna watch this…but based on the fact that this is a direct copy…I give it 13 eps max. Life, don’t care…a cop who is wrongly accused of a crime and spends years in prison before being freed sounds too hokey and I’m just not interested. Lipstick Jungle, pseudo-Sex and the City crap. Don’t give a damn. I hope the women who this is targeted towards are happy though. The Singing Bee, and World Moves, are reality tv shows about, you guessed it, singing and dancing. Yeah…I’m not touching them with a ten-foot pole. Finally, Heroes: Origins, which sounds like Who Wants To Be A Super-Hero, taken to its logical conclusion. Don’t care. Will probably watch it if I’m bored but I doubt I’ll be participating in the voting process…unless a very hot woman is involved.

That’s it for NBC….tomorrow I’ll do ABC, and subsequent days will be FOX and The CW.  


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