Veronica Mars Is Cancelled

The Upfronts update will be a little late…sorry, but I’m still reeling over the fact that Veronica Mars is in fact cancelled. Once this season finishes up, the show will never return.

Now, everyone who watches VMars knows that it has always suffered from poor ratings. A show that is quite possibly one of the most original, most unique shows on tv today just hasn’t been embraced by audiences and it will be no more. To be honest, I’m still in a state of shock. I really thought the show would return for at least one more season in the FBI format that had been touted for a while. But, I guess it wasn’t to be. At this point, I’m only hoping that the season finale won’t end on a cliffhanger because I don’t want another Joan of Arcadia. The show had 3 excellent seasons and as long as there is some form of conclusive ending, I’ll be…satisfied I guess…although I will definitely not be happy.

Anyway, I’ll post on the Upfronts for Fox and CW soon. But it is truly a sad day when I don’t have more Veronica Mars to look forward to next year.


2 responses to “Veronica Mars Is Cancelled

  1. I watched Veronica Mars when it first started religiously and I loved every second of it. Unfortunately, for me, the turning point was when they solved Lilly’s murder and it just became less interesting. I know they had to solve it – they couldn’t keep that going on for a few seasons or something, but the show just lost it’s pull I guess. Obviously not everyone felt this way. I still watch it randomly when I can download it (i don’t think we’ve got it on TV anymore in Australia) and I’m sorry to see it going.

  2. Yeah…I was a bit disappointed by the disjointed storyline in season 2, but it was brought together beautifully by the end and made a lot of season 1 even better for it. And watching the latest episode…it was actually physically painful to think that we would never get to see Veronica as a FBI agent.

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