Fox Upfronts 2007

Well…moving on from the worst cancellation possible. Let’s look at the Fox Upfronts (or as I like to see it…the list of shows that will not show more than 4 eps before they’re cancelled)

Let’s start with the cancelled shows: The O.C., I already said all I’m gonna say about this here. Drive, I still haven’t seen it because I expected it to get cancelled. Once the two unaired eps are shown, I’ll watch the six together. The Winner, Standoff, The War at Home, Justice, Happy Hour, The Rich List, Vanished, The Wedding Bells and The Loop are also cancelled. But I watched none of them…so whatever.

Moving on to the new shows: K-Ville, is a show about cops in post-hurricane New Orleans. Not really interested. I don’t tend to like cop shows anyway. New Amsterdam is a show about a cop who is hundreds of years old and wants to die. I don’t see this lasting for very long for obvious reasons apart from Fox’s penchant for cancellations, and well…it sounds boring. The Sarah Connor Chronicles is probably the show with the most potential to last. I don’t think it sounds very interesting, but I’m willing to watch the first couple of eps just to see what happens. Back to You is a sitcom starring  Frasier and Deborah from Raymond. Don’t care and will not be watching. Return to Jezebel James I’m kind of inclined to watch for Amy Sherman-Palladino but it sounds incredibly boring and I just can’t seem to work up any enthusiasm about it…so I doubt I’ll be checking this out. Rules for Starting Over is another sitcom. Sounds boring and I don’t expect it to last. So…I will not be watching unless it actually exceeds one season. Canterbury’s Law is yet another lawyer show…and you’ve guessed it…I will not be bothering with it. Finally, Kitchen Nightmares and Nashville are new reality tv shows so I don’t even need to bother with them. So apparently I’ll only be checking out one new Fox show…the rest will be on a strictly wait-and-see approach.

Finally, the returning shows: Bones is a cool show and I enjoy watching it whenever I can get to it. Will probably watch season 2 during the summer. House I’m pretty much ready to give up on. It’s too much of the same old-same old and I’ve basically had enough. It’s good…but there’s too much repetition. Prison Break I dropped with the end of season 1 so unless I watch season 2 during the summer, I don’t plan on watching this. American Idol I shall probably be watching unless it’s even more boring than this year’s in which case…no. ‘Til Death, The Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the Hill, American Dad, America’s Most Wanted, Cops, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader and 24 are also returning but I’ve either given up on them or don’t watch them.

Coming soon, the CW upfronts. They’re late because well…I’m still not over Veronica Mars (you will be hearing that a lot in the coming week.)


One response to “Fox Upfronts 2007

  1. Fox has been on a downturn recently. I think they rely too heavily on American Idol. To be honest I am really bored with American Idol (especially Cymon Cowel). I think it should find better reality shows.

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