Comic Butt-Shots #4: Ultron

Yes folks…the time has finally come for Frank Cho to take center-stage with his new rendition of Ultron that is nothing but Butt and Boobs (BnB sounds kind of nicer than TnA, no?) But before we get there, as always, we have a couple of runner-ups. So, let’s start things off with the rarely shown Arsenal ass (yes…I mean the body part…the character’s dickery itself is visible in far too many comics for me to find) Oh, and since people don’t really seem to read these intros: CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ZOOM!!!

Ok, so our first images come from Ed Benes, who for some reason, managed to avoid the obligatory Butt-shot almost entirely from JLA #9. But fret not, he did manage to come through with two shots…one of the afore-mentioned Arsenal, and one of Hawgirl. Although well…he didn’t exactly treat both of them the same…Now…as I’m sure you can see…both Arsenal and Hawgirl appear to wearing very similar materials (actually, don’t all super-heroes just wear spandex?) but while Hawkgirl’s ass is taut and practically bursting the seams of her pants, Arsenal’s ass is more…hidden. This leads to two possibilities…either Arsenal (no, I refuse to call him Red Arrow)  wear boxers (which would hide most of the…crevices) or he has very little junk in the trunk. Hawkgirl on the other hand, MUST wear thongs (because, you know…all super-hero females do) or must be really well-endowed in the ass-department. While this does explain Hawkman’s obsession with her that spans centuries (I always knew ol’ Carter was an ass-man…he definitely ain’t a boob-man after he rejected PG) it does beg the question about why, o why can’t we see the thong-strap? Hell…if MJ’s thong is visible while she’s doing laundry, then Hawkgirl’s should never be far from sight while she’s pulling off all those aerial maneuvers.

Anyways…coming to the next artist in our runner-up category, Eddy Barrows. Well, to be perfectly honest I only think its Eddy Barrows because Checkmate #14 was drawn by both him and Joe Bennett and this doesn’t look like Bennett’s work. He tends to be far more…clean…with his backgrounds. But I could be wrong, so if anyone knows for sure, please do tell me. Anyway, this panel is beautifully rendered…it’s very telling of Fire’s loneliness as an ex-double agent and how she feels like she doesn’t belong with the Checkmate squad. How does this require a butt-shot though? Got me…I think the artist (whoever it was) was just trying to create a sale-worthy page and what sells better than some tight ass? Still, I have to say that this one of the more tasteful and modest ass-shots I’ve ever featured on this blog.

Our next runner-up returns us to the elusive male-ass shots category (be proud fangirls…you are appreciated too!!) And, surprisingly, for once, this category does not feature Hal Jordan. No, instead we have the Flash that everyone loves to hate, Bart Allen. I have no clue about the butt-shot on the left from Flash #12…it made no sense…Tony Daniel could easily have done this a million other ways without making Bart’s butt so prominent and could probably have made this more dynamic if we had a overhead shot of the scene instead of the angle-from-below shot we have here. The one on the right, though…that’s a tried and true classic. We are expected to relate to the main character and ‘pretend’ that we are facing down his foes alongside him. This was very well-handled and its nice to see current artists pull out these old tools from time to time.

Finally, we come to the winner of this round of Butt-Shots: Frank Cho in Mighty Avengers #3!!! I can’t say I’m very surprised. Dude was almost exclusively a Boob-Man in Liberty Meadows…probably because of the limitations of the strip format, but has really become an Ass-Man with Mighty Avengers…I mean, seriously, half the book is filled with ass-shots, I’m just giving the most prominent examples here. And 80% of them don’t really make a whit of sense, but I’ll let you people judge that. So anyway, let’s start with the first ass-shot EVER! of Maria Hill, the ex-SHIELD director now, I guess? Well…I guess this can work because again, this is a classic shot of us seeing Ultron infesting the SHIELD computers while SHIELD is helpless to do anything…but I’ve never seen anyone else have such a tight butt in such panels before…Anyway, next up is the second, and I think, only other ‘sense’ shot in this issue. Natasha is obviously meant to be a homage to…something…I’m not sure what but I know I’ve seen that pose before somewhere. Either way, it works…it’s gratuitous sure, but it isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility. However, right below the Black Widow…in the same panel, is Wasp. And she has no reason to be showing us her booty when everyone else is facing us!! It makes no sense. And quite frankly, I think Cho enjoys drawing tiny asses for some reason…the why I’ll leave to someone who took Psych 101 in college. Also, anyone else creeped out by the fact that Jan was looking up at Natasha’s ass and thinking ‘Not Bad’?

Finally, that brings us to Ultron and its chromium covered ass. The first panel on the left there is her/it dislocating its neck when Sentry punches it. Now, I’ve been reading comics long enough to have panels similar to this many, many times over…but most times it’s just a slight curvature for the ass and the character losing doesn’t fall ass-first to the ground…they usually go horizontally or at most diagonally downwards. This makes for a very weird perspective and quite frankly baffles me. The second panel on the right for the Butt-Shot of the week isn’t much better. Why exactly do we need to be facing her backside while she flies into a building head-first? Couldn’t we see her face just as well? I’ve seen loads of panels do that over the years, but none have come close to matching the sheer prominence of a butt during hurl-throw. Brava, Mr. Cho, Brava!

That brings us to the end of this edition of Butt-Shots. Hope everyone had fun. I was tempted to include the MJ statue but well…that’s been done to death this past week. Anyway, coming up, the Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty season finales will be reviewed and then I will probably finally get around to doing that ‘How Geoff Johns ruined Cassie as Wonder Girl’ post that’s been sitting in my head for many months now.


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