Grey’s Anatomy – Didn’t We Almost Have It All?

Well…that was underwhelming and oh so predictable.

So, we finally reach the end of what has been (thus far) the weakest season of Grey’s Anatomy. I have to say, after the very, very good season finale last year, I was expecting a lot more this year…and the show just didn’t deliver. It’s hard to explain all the problems this episode had, but I’ll try.

First off, the chief storyline. C’mon…Derek was ready to break up with Meredith only a couple of episodes ago because Weber said he wasn’t ready for chief, but when he actually gets the chance to be the chief, he just quits and tells Weber to keep the job? Frak that…it was the biggest copout ending to a storyline ever. I understand that Shonda Rhimes apparently has trouble letting anyone go…but enough is enough. The chief storyline is done…let the character retire and shift focus to more interesting characters.

Next up is the Ava/Rebecca storyline. Eh…I actually didn’t mind the resolution if it ends here. Alex loses out on her because he wasn’t quick enough to act and learns to ‘seize life’ starting next season. But if they bring her back or have this whole plotline where Alex goes after her to wherever the hell she went…I’ll be tired and exhausted of the whole thing. Also…for the love of God people…do something with Justin Chambers!! The Alex character is the least-developed, least relevant character in the whole show and its driving me insane. Give him an actual storyline with actual consequences next season.

The George/Callie/Izzie storyline has become…interesting. I still hate Gizzie and always will, but having George fail does seem to set up him either being written out of the show (which would be stupid with Callie still not knowing that he cheated and Izzie re-re-telling him that she loves him) or ends up making him a foil for other characters to react off of, which is worse. George is one of the few characters they actually bothered to flesh out this season and I would hate for all that work to go to waste. Although the way things seem to be moving now, George’s sole role next season will be as the sperm-bank for Callie’s suddenly-intense urge to procreate.

Burke/Christina: Wha–? That came out of left field despite them completely setting it up last episode. So…Burke doesn’t love her…huh. I did find it interesting that Christina ended up being the one who was more ‘into’ the relationship in her own way than he ever was, in a kind of reverse-MerDer thing. And that ending with Christina screaming about being free was very, very sad. I actually wanted these guys to have a happy ending…ah well.

Merder: Bleh. I’m so tired of them breaking them, getting them back together, breaking them up, etc… at this point that I hope one of them just dies next season…without some weird resurrection bit. And yes…Derek is more into the relationship now for some reason (anyone remember the cringe-worthy ‘choose me’ speech?) but while I understand why Meredith is distancing herself (everyone she gets close to leaves/dies) the fact that the show has never made that very clear and leaves it to the viewers to assume is a very, very bad move on the writers’ part. Seriously…kill one of them and put us and them out of their misery.

Finally, Lexie Grey and the Bailey losing as chief resident storyline. Well…Bailey makes sense…as soon as they said Callie was in the running, it became pretty obvious that she would win and anyone who did not guess that Chyler Leigh was playing the until-now missing sister is insane. What worries me though? Rhimes will try something ‘clever’ by making the “Grey’s” part in the Anatomy relate to Lexie Grey instead of Meredith. I don’t want that. I don’t think anyone really does. And it sounds screwed up enough to be something the writers will try. And all I can say to that it…bleh!

So…really tiresome finale that didn’t have the oomph necessary to keep me riveted for the next three months. Will I be back next season? I’m not sure right now. I think I’ll give the show one more episode…beyond that I’m not so sure. It just isn’t good enough anymore to maintain my interest to be perfectly honest…and I’m more than ready to quit. Loyalty to a show can only go so far and unless this show improves like The O.C. did during season 4 (I did not see any of season 3…) I’m guessing I won’t be watching it for that much longer.

Coming up next…Ugly Betty…and well…maybe a lolcatz entry (I have 12 cats…you didn’t think I would participate in that at some point??)


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