Ugly Betty – East Side Story

In the battle of the season finales, Ugly Betty is definitely beating Grey’s Anatomy right now. Does that mean I have changed my mind and actually want to see the next season now? Maybe…

As far as most mysteries left to be resolved are concerned, this season finale really packed in a lot of stuff. I was actually pretty surprised by how effectively they handled the whole thing, what with Santos’ death, Daniel and Alexis in danger, Claire on the lam, Ignacio facing the revenge-obsessed first husband of his ex-wife, Henry running off to wherever with Charley when it may not even be his baby, Wilhemina planning her wedding and Amanda and Christina trapped in Fey’s Love Dungeon. Whoo…makes me tired just writing it all down. So, what worked and what didn’t?

Well, I seriously question the reveal that Amanda is Fey’s child. Now, this would be interesting if she were a possible Meade, but considering that Daniel and her have done the horizontal mambo far too many times to count, I’m betting she will just be a part of the past that Fey would rather just forget. It’s kind of dumb and I think just shoehorned in to give Amanda a greater role next season. Christina’s ex- or well since she never got a divorce, not so ex, husband is another pushing it storyline. Do we really need to see how Christina deals with a husband who just happens to discover that she lives in New York after God knows how many years?

Igancio’s storyline could have legs though if they’re gonna keep him in Mexico, I hope they resolve the whole thing within the first six episodes. The distance thing hardly ever works and works even less when its a secondary character that not many people even really like (he isn’t hated…but how many people actively root for him?)

Daniel and Alexis aren’t dying so that was a classic ‘red herring’ finale moment. Don’t care to comment on that.

Claire showing up to interrupt the wedding next season could probably be the highlight of season 2. Having just escaped, it won’t be very easy for her to get back to New York and to her husband quickly so I’m betting she will pull a last-minute thing. Quite dumb I know.

Charley cheating on Henry with Dr. Farkus totally came out of left-field no? I though that she and Henry spent all their free time together…how exactly did she manage to find the time to cheat on him? Also, I thought the Mark given to whatshername was a wasted storyline. It was funny sure, but the time could’ve been spent doing so much more. We could have had more Alexis/Daniel development or hell even some more Santos/Hilda moments (which I will hopefully miss).

Santos’ death is the only thing that I can see maybe sticking over to next season. But, as everyone who watches soaps knows, they never explicitly said he was dead, they never showed the body and they never showed him getting shot. It is highly possible that he was shot and is presently in critical condition thus having the police tell Betty who in turn will tell Hilda who would naturally have that reaction (after all, her fiancee is dying) but not yet dead. We’ll see though. I’m not so sure I will want to stick with the show if Santos is alive. Just don’t care enough.

Now, who thinks the only reason the wedding has been moved to November is so that it can be taking place during Sweeps? Yeah, thought so.

Anyway, that ends another season finale review. This was definitely better than Grey’s Anatomy but it could have been even better. However, my coming back to this show is a lot more heavily dependent on an awesomely excellent second season premiere versus Grey’s which has a built-in loyalty that would give it some grace. We’ll see how it all goes in just 4 short months, won’t we?

Next up, probably the Cassie post, or another season finale review…not sure yet.


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