Scrubs – My Point of No Return

Awww…that was probably the sweetest and least contrived season finale we’ll see this year. But did it work? Damn right it did…

See, the problem with this season finale wasn’t the finale itself, it was the episode they combined with the finale that led up to it. It was basically two episodes that they just decided to air together so that (I’m guessing) the show would end during May Sweeps and therefore full advantage would be had from season finale-level ratings. Anyway, let’s move on the actual two-fer of an episode.

I really liked the doubts Elliott seems to be having at this stage in the game. Her marriage is right on the horizon and she honestly doesn’t know if she’s marrying Keith because she cares for him or because she just doesn’t think she can get anyone else. It’s a nice callback to the actual character and it works incredibly well with the Keith-Elliott arc from the past two seasons. She’s always seemed to use him, while he has always seemed to genuinely care about her. Should be interesting to see if they actually get married next season.

Which brings us to J.D. I loved the fact that his conscience is a fat man in a track suit wearing a Bunny-head. That was classic Scrubs. I did not, however, like how quickly he forgave Kim. I know he’s a pushover and will do practically anything for a chick and the kid does add another wrinkle to the whole thing, but the constant running away should’ve been elaborated upon. Scrubs is the one show that can get away with handling such matters seriously instead of just making jokes out of them and I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t take the chance. His ending line was perfect though.

This finale, more than any other before, was all about JD and Elliott. Where, season 5 dealt with JD/Kim, Carla/Turk, and Elliott/Keith, and season 4 was the wedding…this one was very concentrated on these two. How much they have changed and yet how close they’ve become. I was very glad that the writers didn’t decide to have them have sex or something because that would’ve ruined it. Elliott and JD are friends…if they can be more, great…but if they can’t, that is better. I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed seeing them have to deal with their feelings about each other if the old sex-route had been followed. Instead, it was a nice finale celebrating the friendship between two people who have been through everything together and who should belong together, but for various reasons just cannot…and I think they finally realize that too.

All in all…I liked this season finale best of the three I have currently seen. I can’t wait to see the next season, and knowing that it will wrap up the show is a nice touch. Plus…only 18 eps stretched over a godawful long time! Who doesn’t love that??!

Next up, maybe I’ll go over the How I Met Your Mother Finale a week too late, the long-heralded Cassie post, Lost finale, Heroes finale, and of course, the Veronica Mars SERIES finale.


3 responses to “Scrubs – My Point of No Return

  1. dude, u know when the next season starts they’ll have already slept together right? i mean they’ve done it so many times before, they prob don’t even think it’s a big deal anymore

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