Heroes – How To Stop An Exploding Man

Awful. Awful finale. Conclusive ending my $#!@. I would say the worst one this year…but well…no one can beat out Grey’s on that one.

Let’s start with the ridiculous lack of death. I demand bodies from this show…lots of them…regularly and rapidly. The fact that they let D.L live is stupid to say the least, but what really burns me is that Sylar still lives. I know that every character must have his counterpart and Sylar is Peter’s (yeah…like anyone believes he’s dead) but couldn’t they have bothered to make the new “BIG BAD” that Molly cannot find into a better character rather than…probably…either a) making Sylar join the good guys (in a Magneto joins the X-men against a greater evil kind of way) or b) making Sylar join forces with the new baddie before eventually killing him near or in the second season finale and then taking his powers thereby making him the strongest there is…but not before Peter’s been around so he can absorb the damned abilities too…

Damn…that was long-winded. Didn’t really mean to do that, but well…the constant X-men riffs are getting to me and what I’ve just described are variations on two Chris Claremont standards. Do I hope these people will stay away from them? You bet (which is why I’m writing them down…maybe someone will filter this info down to them and they’ll…you know…actually bother coming up with something themselves.

Anyway, this is a review and I should explain why I didn’t like this episode at all. Firstly, Claire not just shooting Peter right off the bat despite repeated attempts was just stupid. She knows she can bring him back to life by just removing the bullet…so what’s the major worry? Then there was Peter…sigh…why the hell couldn’t the idiot fly himself away? He has the time to stand there and stew in his own radioactive fires, but he can’t muster up the energy to fly away? Bah!

Then we come to Mama Petrelli…I have never seen a character go down the ultra-mega bitch route quite this quickly. I mean, sure we knew she wanted the bomb to go off, but she not only basically decided to sacrifice her so, but she also called him a good-for-nothing in that weird flashback dream…which wasn’t explained by the way…stupid writers. This was worse than the traditional Lost finales…even if Lost doesn’t give you all the answers…it leaves you begging for more. All this left me wanting to do was shoot Peter myself and put everyone out of their misery.

Then let’s shift focus to Sylar again. Why the hell would he skulk into the sewer…and what the hell was up with the roach? Is Sylar a roach? like a roach? can he never be killed? How do you survive from an impaling anyway? This was worse than a mid-90s X-men comic. Atleast with those you knew what you were getting into.

Now, the good…what little there was of it. Thank God they combined Nikki and Jessica. That’s a load off. And…that’s basically it. Although I do hope to see more of Rena Sofer next season…

So…where does that leave us? Do I want to see anymore of this show next season? Yeah, I guess…I still like Hiro and next season should have an interesting character arc for him before he comes back to the present. I also want to see more of HRG (sorry, but Noah is too…geeky) so that should be interesting. But unless this show bats a 1000 right out the gate, I may not be sticking around for a lot of season 2. I don’t need the grief.


2 responses to “Heroes – How To Stop An Exploding Man

  1. molly’s new ‘big bad’ seemed to me to be added as an afterthought; the show’s writers decided that the episode concentrated too much on resolving current issues and didn’t create enough interest in what will happen in the next season, so they generated a new baddie at the eleventh hour.

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