Lost – Through The Looking Glass



That was more than unbelievable…I mean…wha–? I watched this last night and I’m still having trouble completely processing everything that happened. Ok, let’s try to go through this step by step…

First the good: I LOVED the showdown between the Losties and the Others. Hurley saving the day was the most awesome thing ever! I was also somewhat surprised by Sawyer’s cold-blooded murder of Tom, but on thinking it over, it made total sense. I mean, the guy was electrocuted, shot, and even forced to confront his parents’ proxy killer because of these Others. In his eyes, he has just gained closure. It was a nice bit of character arc completion.

I also loved Jack vs. Ben. C’mon, who hasn’t been wanting to see that since they revealed that Ben was the leader of the Others. I know I wanted to see Ben beaten senseless and I actually like the character. The initiative Jack showed by grabbing the walkie-talkie was also cool. I really liked that little bit.

And how damned sweet was it that Jack told Kate he loved her. I (being a Jate fan) was ecstatic. We all know that Kate has certain feelings for Jack, but to have him come right out and admit his own for her was nice…and kind of bittersweet considering what happened at the end.

What the hell was up with that flash-forward?!? I had heard rumours, but I expected it to be very far-flung or something. But based on the show’s progression and the way the flash-forwards were interspersed…I get the feeling that in this episode, the Island was the flashback while Jack’s incredibly depressing future-life was the present. And now I’m damned curious about who the hell John Latham was (the guy who got killed and who is survived by a son according to a screenshot I found of the clipping) It’s neither friend or family so it could literally be anyone, but he expected Kate to be there although she didn’t understand why so that makes things even more confusing. The initials lead me to believe it could be Locke, but where the hell did he get a 14-yr old son? Another theory that I’ve heard, it could be Walt and Michael under assumed names for reasons that escape me. Hey, it’s Lost and at this point we’re all grasping at straws to make sense of this. Then of course, there’s the fact that he was yelling about his father…did the Island bring his father back to life then? Was he just being a really out-there drunk?!? What the hell?!?

Also, while this will also show up in the ‘BAD’ category for a different reason, I thought Charlie’s sacrifice was really well-handled. I’ve had problems with Charlie’s character throughout the first two seasons, but the character was truly redeemed this season and it was actually kind of sad to see him go. And the final scene where he realizes he’s dying and crosses himself was incredibly heart-breaking.

Also fun moments: Juliet’s snarkiness, Ben-Rousseau-Alex reunion, and the fact the Others don’t trust Ben anymore.

And now the bad: well, firstly, I was pretty disappointed by Walt’s appearance. The kid looks MUCH older than he should be if the Island timeline is to be believed and I don’t even want to go into how incredibly strange it is and he is not seen or referred to in the remaining episode. You’d think Locke would have made some reference to the kid when he was trying to convince Jack to give up the phone, but whatever.

I did not appreciate the fact that they killed Charlie in such a stupid manner. He could have gone out the hatch and closed it behind him and considering how massive the outside room was, he could easily have escaped with the scuba gear on. I know the whole destiny thing HAD to come into play, but it was still kind of stupid to see that happen.

The stupidest thing in the entire 2 hours though, was that Mikhail lived after being shot through the heart by a harpoon..WTF??! If he survives the bomb, I will consider him Jacob because dude will be a friggin’ Highlander. Somebody cut his head off next season, please! It was incredibly unbelievable in an otherwise excellent episode and I am kind of disappointed in the writers for doing that.

Finally, the only other problem I had with the ep was that more of the Others didn’t push to go with Ben when he left to intercept the Losties. It just seemed strange that they wouldn’t atleast try to find out why he’s going alone, especially considering the lack of trust right now.

Now, for the theories: The way I see, it considering the flash-forward, there are two places the next season can go: We pick up right where we left off with the Losties being rescued and heading off to their respective homes or we pick up with Jack in the present and have him manipulate the plane situation so that the plane crashes again and they return to the Island. This could serve as a clearing-house for the cast if they wish, and could really up the ante when Jack returns to a (possibly) Dharma controlled island where the war between the Others and Dharma will probably be in full-swing again.

I’m kind of hoping for the latter, because with three seasons left I want to get to the good stuff (fights, island secrets, everything) ASAP! I don’t want to wait a season for them to get off the island and then have a season dealing with the return and then have yet another season dealing with the final secrets. I want the good stuff and I want it NOW!! Unfortunately, no more new Lost until February (damn them…) and we won’t be getting any hints at all until at earliest, SD Comic-Con…and even that isn’t guaranteed this year.

All in all, definitely the best season finale I’ve seen thus far this year. Only have a couple left and I don’t expect the title to be taken away from Lost, but we shall see, eh?


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